Top 5 Places to visit in Goa

Goa is considered one of the coolest places to hang out for friends, families and couples. Millions of tourist from all around the world visit Goa every year to enjoy the exotic beaches and eat delicious Goan dishes.

Goa beaches are popular for their crystal clear sea water and refreshing breeze. If you are planning for an exotic holiday vacation in India, we recommend visiting Goa. There are number of tourist places in Goa that you as a tourist should visit in your trip, following are list of top 5 places in Goa:

Goa Beaches

  • Goa Beaches: Every tourist in Goa comes with primary intention of visit exotic beaches. There are various activities you can perform at Goa beaches such as playing games, swimming, beach sports, sun bath, etc.

Aguada fort, Goa

  • Goa Forts: Goa is also famous for its great architecture; you can explore it by visiting Goa forts. Some of the famous forts in Goa include Cabo De Rama Fort, Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada and Reis Magos Fort.

Pubs inGoa

  • Pubs in Goa: Goa is known for his beaches and pubs. Renowned DJ's churn out their magic in music and you can grove to their music.

Water falls in Goa

  • Caves and Waterfalls: Goa is blessed with attractive places such as natural caves and breathtaking waterfalls; you will definitely enjoy visiting these amazing and adventurous tourist places in Goa.

Restaurants in Goa

  • Goan Restaurant: Visiting Goa without enjoying Goan cuisine is not a fare deal; hence, we recommend you to try Goan Dishes at least once in your trip. If you are searching for best Restaurant in Goa visit us and for sure you will be forced to come again and again.

There are more such places to visit when you are at Goa. So, have you planned for your trip to Goa? Don’t forget to make a list of places to visit and also book a place to stay in Goa hotel before arrival. For more details or online hotel booking in Goa feel free to visit us at