New Year 2013 Celebration in Goa

People in Goa like to party and are always looking out for a special occasion when they can revel on its beautiful beaches. Tourists who want to celebrate New Year in Goa with its local population would find many venues where they can bring out the party animal in them. Christmas week witnesses the influx of many travelers who come from different places to have an exciting time in this region. While beaches are most preferred by people to indulge in fun and entertainment, some also choose hotels or resorts for private parties. A Portuguese heritage, combined with local culture, adds spice to New Year celebrations in Goa. Individuals looking forward to be a part of New Year 2013 in Goa along with many others would have to begin making their plans and book their accommodations well in advance.

New Year 2013 Celebration in Goa
Sunburn Festival, which is held every year during the period between Christmas and New Year, features many international artistes. Audience can enjoy different genres of music that would uplift their spirits. The New Year 2013 Celebration in Goa would be a memorable event for many if they are a part of this musical extravaganza.

Those who buy Goa tour packages would have representatives of their tour operators waiting for them at the airport or railway station. They are then taken to a hotel or resort where luxurious accommodations for them have been arranged. Various options are available for them to celebrate New Year 2013 in Goa with their loved ones or fellow tourists and locals. They can either indulge in festivities at their place of accommodation or get out of the hotel room and have fun outdoors on Goa's sandy beaches. By the time they are ready to pack their bags and leave, they would have some wonderful memories to cherish till their next trip.

Christmas Celebration in Goa

A day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated with great zest and fervour in Goa. Different communities unite in these celebrations by singing Christmas carols and exchanging gifts. Houses are decorated with lights and Christmas trees, while people enjoy delicious candies and cakes with the entire family. Parties are a common sight in the region around this time and Christmas 2012 in Goa would witness great festivities as it happens every year. Tourists visiting during this period get to enjoy grand festivities along with locals.

Christmas Celebration in Goa
Churches are also decorated during Christmas festival and prayers are offered in them with great reverence. Tourists arrive in great numbers during Christmas in Goa to be a part of masses held in its churches, as they are considered to be among best ones in the world. This is also a wonderful time for shopping and people never miss this opportunity to go on a buying spree. Beaches come alive with lavish parties as people enjoy singing and dancing, while enjoying their favourite drinks. Live orchestras are also conducted during Christmas celebration in Goa and they keep all revellers entertained throughout the night. Travellers also get a chance to witness famous personalities from the world of music perform live during such events.

Visitors to Goa around this time are always advised to book accommodations in hotels or resorts well in advance. They would not afford to miss the Christmas 2012 celebration in Goa and parties that would be held by hotels and resorts in this region. These parties are mostly a private affair and offer grand dinners and excellent drinks. Casinos at some of these hotels provide great entertainment for their guests and an ecstatic mood prevails everywhere. The festivities go on for an entire week during Christmas and usually culminate with New Year’s Eve.

Festivals in Goa

Goa is known as the land of Gods in Hindu Mythology. People in Goa worship many gods and goddess, although they are known by many names. Each and every festival in Goa is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Dussehra Festival in Goa: - Also known as Vijaydashmi, Dussehra is celebrated among Hindu people. There are many events that are organized in Goa to celebrate the festival.

Diwali Festival in Goa
Diwali Festival in Goa: - Again a Hindu festival that is celebrated with much great vigor and thrill. Hotels in Goa are decorated with lights and lanterns. They also offer discounts during this festive season.

Christmas Celebration in Goa: - Everybody knows that Goa is packed to its capacity during this time. There are many events and festivities organized by hotels and lodges in the beaches.
Carnival in Goa
The enjoyment goes on all night till early morning. People from across the world come here to celebrate this festival.

One has to observe that apart from Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals, there are many festivals that are only celebrated in Goa. Goa Carnival is one such festival which is not related to any religion. People of every caste and creed participate in these three day festivities.

Sun Burn Festival: It is a festival for music lover, Electronic Dance Music Festival is held in Goa every year. DJs from around the globe display their talent by spinning the best electronic and trance music. This festival is mostly organized during the month of December, another reason why there is major inflow of tourist during December.

Restaurants in Goa

A one stop destination for all party lovers, Goa has been a hot spot for tourists all over the world. Everyone knows night life and beaches is the best thing about Goa. As many as 16 beaches, Goa is a paradise for travelers. As far as Cuisine is concerned, there are many restaurants in Goa where tourist could enjoy their favorite cuisine.

Our air conditioned multi-cuisine restaurant which is in very close proximity to the Colva beach offers tourists some of the best delicacies. Be it Indian, Chinese or any other specialty cuisine, our chefs are well trained to prepare your mouth watering delicacies in no time. Another important aspect of our hotel is our bar that stocks most of the famous Indian and International Liquors. With beautiful ambiance and occasional live performance by good artist are some of the facilities we offer to our guests.
Whether you need sea food or pure vegetarian dishes, we cook our food to suit the taste buds of every customer. Assorted cock tails and mock tails will boost your spirit and the time spent in here would be etched in your memory forever. We also have a separate family room where family could comfortably enjoy the food in this beautiful ambiance with soothing music that would make you have the best of time.

Hotels and Cottages in Goa

Goa is the destination which tops in every tourists reply when asks the favorite places for outing in India. Located on West Coast is a city which is very different from the rest of India. Goan culture is mainly based on Hinduism and Catholic religion. Also, December is the month when Goa receives most number of tourists in a month. With Christmas and New Year, Goa remains colorful during this month of the year. Hotels in Goa are packed to the full capacity during this season. To book a room in Goa particularly during the last two weeks of the month is next to impossible.

Earlier there were minimum options for booking hotels in Goa. With the advancements of Technology, now you can even book your hotel accommodation online with online booking facilities. This helps you to confirm your booking quickly without pondering over the thought of how and where to book. Every tourist would love to book their accommodations near to the beach as it would save their valuable time. Our hotel is situated right next to Colva beach. The activities on the beach could be easily viewed from our hotel. Other facilities which we provide to our customers include Multi-cuisine restaurant and bar, sightseeing arrangements and even water sports on the beach.
Booking for the month of December have already started. We suggest you to use our Online booking facilities to book the accommodations in our cottages as early as possible. It won’t be a perfect idea to wait till the last moment.

Diwali Festival in Goa

Renowned for the famous beaches, Goa is the place where one dreams to spend their holidays. It is just a matter of days when we would be celebrating Diwali. Here Diwali begins on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi. On the eve of Diwali, people clean their houses and decorate it with illuminated lanterns, mango leaves and marigold flowers. Paper made effigies of Narakasura filled with grass, oil are burned on the following morning to ward off the evil.
It would be better if he put some light on Narakasura on whose demise the festival is celebrated. Born as the Asura son of the earth Goddess and Lord Vishnu, Naraka went on to be the most powerful ruler in the world. It was foretold that Naraka would be killed by Lord Vishnu himself. Lord Vishnu, in his avatar as Krishna killed him with his Sudarshana Chakra. Before dying, Narakasura requested Lord Vishnu a boon that his death should be celebrated by people of the earth. Since then Naraka Chaturdashi is being celebrated every year. Another version of the story relates that Narakasura requested the boon from his mother, that his death anniversary should be celebrated with lights every year. Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.
If you are planning an outing this Diwali season, Goa would be the perfect destination for you and your family. A fun filled and memorable vacation is the requirement one desires of and in Goa you can be sure to get the same. Book your accommodation, before it is very late. From the team of Graciano Cottages we wish each and every one of you a "Safe and Happy Diwali."

Dussehra 2012 – Vijayadashami Festival in Goa

Green palms, sandy beaches and rushing waves of Arabian Sea are some of the marvellous sights that tourists can always witness when they tour Goa. A Portuguese colony for many years, this state has become a major tourist attraction of India over a period of time. It also has many historical structures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are worth visiting for any traveller. Among all festivals celebrated in this region, Dussehra or Vijayadashami has a special significance among most of its residents. The Dussehra festival in Goa also attracts many visitors as this region takes on an entirely different look during its celebrations.
Vijayadashami or Dussehra is a popular Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil. It falls on tenth day of a Hindu lunar month called Ashvin and it is on this day that Lord Rama killed the wicked king, Ravana. People celebrate Dussehra festival in Goa after fasting for Navratri which means nine nights. The day of Vijayadashami is a culmination of these nine nights and falls usually in October. Tourists coming to Goa on this occasion can witness a great festive atmosphere everywhere as people are engaged in celebrations with great passion. Preparations are going on for the upcoming Vijayadashami 2012 which would be celebrated with great fervour as usual.

On the occasion of Dussehra, people of Goa are engaged in extending greetings and best wishes to their dear ones. Tourists can also be a part of Vijayadashami festival in Goa along with its residents when they are in this region during its celebrations. For a comfortable stay, they can find many hotels and resorts which offer luxurious rooms or suites according to their budgets. Knowing the exact date of festivities would help them in booking their accommodations well in advance to participate in Dussehra festivities.

North Goa’s famous beaches

Beaches of Goa are world famous and tourists arrive in great numbers every year to witness the majestic Goan coastline. They not only provide pleasant views for visitors, but also give them a perfect dose of adventure with various kinds of water sports. Travellers love Colva beach located near Panjim, owing to its picturesque surroundings and proximity to many other south Goa beaches. A popular festival called ‘Fama of Menino Jesuse’ is celebrated ever year on the third Monday of October, which draws huge number of visitors. Variety of fruits and drinks can be enjoyed while having an exciting time on this beach.

North of Goa has beaches that are often abuzz with parties and festivities contrary to quietness of their southern counterparts. Among all the North Goa beaches visited by tourists, Anjuna is a popular one which has good restaurants, pubs and shacks.

Baga and Calangute are often crowded with visitors, but offer an opportunity for everyone to buy handicrafts and souvenirs from local markets. Visitors can indulge in underwater diving and other adventurous activities like wind-surfing and jet skiing. The Goa beaches video offers excellent previews of such places for the benefit of travellers planning a vacation in this region.

Presence of many hotels and resorts on beachfront are of great benefit to people visiting Goa. The Colva beach alone has many such places where visitors can book luxurious accommodations. Excellent varieties of local delicacies can also be savoured due to the presence of several shacks.

Almost all beaches are located quite close to these resorts, much to the convenience of tourists. Other attractions in nearby locations can also be visited while staying in any of them.

Prominent among them are Shri Damodar Temple, Rivona’s Buddhist caves and Jama Masjid of Sanguem. Travellers can also enjoy Kayaking, sailing, speed boating and other such activities.

Weather in Goa and Best Season to Visit

Vacations in Goa are great stress-busters with Arabian Sea’s glittering waves romancing its sandy beaches at the backdrop of lush green surroundings. This region is also popular among tourists for its historical monuments and museums. Before planning a visit, travelers always consider weather in Goa for visiting their favorite spots.

This part of the world experiences hot and humid climate for a certain period every year as it is located in a tropical zone. Its monsoons are enjoyed by some tourists as there are heavy to medium rainfalls, transforming entire region into a green paradise. Interior parts of Goa can also be explored during this period.

Tourists can get heavy discounts on accommodations during summers due to fewer crowds. Many travel companies consider Goa weather as an important factor in deciding prices for their tour packages. A large number of tourists visit this region during winters, as climate is very pleasant and ideal for honeymooners. With temperatures going down considerably, they can have a nice time exploring several attractions that Goa has to offer.

Various festivals such as Christmas are New Year is celebrated with great zest which gives another reason for tourists to visit this region towards the end of winter season. They can also indulge in adventurous water sports and enjoy sightseeing tours. Best season to visit Goa is between the months of October and March.

Summers are hot in Goa with temperature rising to significant levels during daytime. Period between the months of March and May is a time when this region is less crowded. Those who are looking for a calm and quiet atmosphere can find this season extremely pleasant.

Budget travelers can also expect some great deals from their tour operators as prices are generally lowered around this time. Variations in Goa weather offers plenty of opportunities for tourists who love to visit certain destinations according to the prevailing climate.

Baga beach one of the famous Beaches in North Goa

Goa is the heaven of holidaymakers and ultimate beach destination of India. The splendid beaches of Goa are divided into Beaches of North Goa and beaches of South Goa. These beaches around eighty three km in length are spread on nearly one hundred twenty five km of coastal region. They are the main attraction of Goa tourism.
Baga Beach, Goa
The many beaches of Goa offer everything from exotic sea food, luxury resorts to unique experience of beach huts. Beaches of North Goa like Anjuna, Arambol, Baga, Calangute, Candolim and Dona Paula are full of happenings. While South Goa beaches like Agonda, Benaulim, Betul, Bagmalo, Colva, Majorda, Palolem and Varca are mostly providing serene atmosphere. Among these beaches Goa Baga beach is one of the most popular beaches of North Goa. Here you can enjoy everything from amazing water sports to vibrating night life. You can dine in one of the many restaurants of Baga and savor great taste of Goan cuisine.
Water Sports at Baga beach
This beach is located at just nine km from Mapusa and sixteen km from Panaji. You can reach Baga by getting down at Thivim railway station. Also you can travel by air, Baga is just fifty km from Dabolim airport. The various water sports which you can enjoy here are Para sailing, windsurfing, wake boarding and kite surfing. Otherwise prefer sunbathing by lying on the sands and munching chunky food accompanied with silent sips of beer. Apart from the best hotels near the beach the beach shacks are the best means to get sumptuous Goan food. Enjoy the fun of shopping by visiting flea market of Anjuna and night market of Arpora. After the day fun on the sands get refreshed and be ready for exotic nightlife of this beach. Discover one of the perfect night life venues at Tito’s lane for a deserving night life filled with entertainment and cheers. The open air bars regularly host events with dashing Dj’s. Visit Baga beach in Goa for an exciting beach experience of Goa.  

Restaurants in Goa serving delicious Goan Cuisine

Goan Cuisine - Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafreal
Goan cuisine, ranks next to the Goa beaches regarding popularity amongst visitors to Goa. The cuisines are a great mix of delectable food, enriched by tasty vegetarian as well as not to miss non vegetarian dishes from India and Europe. This cuisine mostly makes use of things that are available in abundance at Goa. The common ingredients used are coconut milk, rice, cashew nuts, kokum and local spices called masalas. The Goa Hindu cuisine mostly makes use of vegetables using less onion and garlic, whereas Goan Christian cuisine is mostly influenced by the Portuguese style. Along with fish curry and rice, the most common food items, some popular Goan dishes are Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafreal. In general Goan cuisine is spicy and tasty.

Many remarkable Goa beaches are the favorite venues of tourists, for tasting the incredible Goan food. It is well said by one of the visitors that if you want to explore Goa in its true sense. Then relax on the sands of one of the beautiful beaches of Goa with a glass of fenny, gulping exclusive sea food dish at the backdrop of mesmerizing music. There are innumerable restaurants in the vicinity of beaches offering you the best type of accommodations, great food varieties and every opportunity to get immersed in the fun of Goan vacations. Most of the resorts and hotels in Goa beaches are furnished with in house restaurants, serving a great variety of food to the visitors. Even then you will not be able to resist your temptation for the crunchy food at the beach side shacks or the tasty street food in Goa.

Goa’s culinary salute to its Portuguese inheritance is clearly seen in Chourico, the spicy sausage. Here you will be amazed to see plenty of carts with apostolic names like "Ave Maria Sausages" catering Chourico spiced with chili, vinegar, garlic and ginger which are eaten with soft Goan bread rolls. Visit Goa for its awesome beaches and taste the amazing food variety at the restaurants in Goa.

Water Sports in Goa

Goa has numerous entertainments for its visitors specially the beach sports (also known as water sports) are widely famous on Goa beaches. If you visit beaches like Baga, Cidade de, Dona Paula, Majorda, Candolim or Colva you can see the enormous choice for water sports in Goa. Following is the list of top 5 water sport activities that you should experience on your trip to Goa beach.

Water Scooter Ride

Water Scooter Ride: Every visitor in Goa definitely plans for a water scooter ride in Goa beach. The sport is thrilling and also affordable. You can easily find it in popular beaches like Cidade de, Dona Paula, Majorda, Candolim and Colva.

Para-sailing: Parasailing is one of the breath-taking water sport activities at Goa beaches. In this sport one end of 300m long rope is attached to the parasail harness, whereas the other end is tied to a speed boat.

Water Skiing: Water Skiing is the most popular beach sport in Goa and you must have viewed it in many Bollywood movies. Waterskiing is the best option for all water enthusiasts who love to head out into the ocean and feel the water splashing across their face.

Water Skiing
 Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving: We recommend scuba diving because it is the only water sport that presences peace of mind and also gives the opportunity to explore the beautiful underwater sceneries and marine creatures.

Banana Boat Ride
Banana Boat Ride: If you are on a group tour to Goa, this water sport will definitely provide the maximum entertainment. In this sport a huge Banana like boat with 7-8 seats is dragged by a speed boat on the sea. You must try it if visiting with friends or family members.

There are many more thrilling and adventurous water sports activities organized at different beaches in Goa. If you are too seeking for adventure like this, please give Hotel Graciano Cottages the opportunity to make you trip the most memorable holiday in Goa.

Things to do in Goa during different seasons

Goa is the most popular beach destination of India having a good reputation among the international beach lovers. Goa has a moderate climate throughout the year. The seasons show no extreme temperature and the state is sunny and pleasant during most of the time.

Waterfalls - Monsoon in Goa
Monsoon in Goa is observed between June and September. It provides lots of opportunities for young couples to explore the beauty and serenity of the Goan beaches under monsoon showers. Exploring the amazing beauty of the Dudhsagar falls located near Mollem National Park is another monsoon attraction. Summer months from March to June in Goa are best for adventure and leisure activities. The adventures include parasailing, scuba diving and many other water sports. You can enjoy the fascinating nightlife in Goa and taste Goan delicacies.

Winter months from October to February are the ideal time to visit Goa with comfortable and romantic climate. Its festive time here and you can enjoy the incomparable pleasures of winter carnival. Christmas and New Year in Goa means a feast of alluring fun and leisure activities. Apart from this there are many other things to do in Goa.

Christmas & New Year in Goa - Winter Vacation
Goa tourism comprises of beach delight, experiencing the exotic blend of traditional and modern culture of Goa, cheering night life, exploring the incredible nature and enjoying various marine sports. The other options are river cruising, fishing and enjoying the Goan cuisine while sipping some branded liquor. Top priority while visiting the tourist places in Goa is no doubt the famous beaches like Colva, Candolim, Baga, Aguada, Dona Paula and Anjuna beach. The other places are the historic monuments, temples and churches in Goa.

Summer Vacation - Goa Water Sports
In response to the growing tourist flow at Goa the hotels in Goa provide sufficient means of luxurious stay. For budget travelers there are many cheap and budget hotels providing basic amenities and in-house restaurants offering best Goan as well as other popular cuisines. Hotels near beaches are a great opportunity to stay and explore the charm of the beaches. Goan beach restaurants are the place to be for food savvy people and the boozers.

Select one of the Monsoon holiday packages to Goa

What are your plans this weekend is a common question asked by friends and foes in offices. But last week I heard one of our friends asking, what are your plans of going for an outing in the Monsoon season. Everybody reacted with a strange face to this question. Because going for a holiday in Monsoon is thought to be something irrelevant. But it is not an irrelevant idea and Monsoon holidays are enjoyable and becoming more popular.

Indian tour operators have started launching many attractive Monsoon Holiday packages for various destinations which will provide amazing enjoyment to the visitors. Regarding destination what else can be the better place than Goa for Monsoon holidays? With a moderate climate and many options to celebrate vacations in Goa, it attracts hoards of tourists throughout the year. During monsoon Goa is mystical with a green cover and romantic climate. The incredible beaches offer awesome experience during monsoon. Goa hotels online booking facility is the best to book the hotel of your choice in Goa.

Panoramic Group is offering a combined Goa/Malvan 
monsoon holiday package for couples with two nights stay at Goa and one night stay at Malvan. In which you can enjoy the monsoon showers at both the exotic destinations. This package of 3 nights 4 days includes pick up from airport or railway station, welcome drink, complimentary two bottles of beer at Goa, sightseeing by A/c coach, and cruise on river if weather is favorable. Goa to Malvan transfer and sightseeing at Malvan will be by A/c car. The package cost is just Rs. 18499/- which is inclusive of taxes and allows 2 kids below five years without additional cost. Accommodation at Goa and Malvan will be provided at Hotel Graciano cottages, Goa one of the best Colva beach hotels and Sagar Kinara at Malvan.

Plan your trip to Goa during this monsoon and experience the thrill of the Goa beaches under showers with some delicious sea food and a glass of hot drink. Goa monsoon packages prove to be an excellent opportunity for couples, who can enjoy the romantic surroundings of the Goa beaches. Booking accommodations in Colva beach hotels will surely double your enjoyment as it is one of the best beaches of Goa. It offers serenity as well as the fun of bargaining at the beachside stalls & buying some ultimate Goa souvenirs.