Celebrate Gudi Padwa Festival in Goa

Gudi Padwa is a great time to visit Goa. In Goa, Gudi is celebrated in typical Maharastrian way, starting the celebration with consumption of neem leaves. The families also prepare sweets including puranpoli which is offered as Prasad and later distributed among relatives and friends.
Gudi Padwa celebration 2012 in Goa
Gudi Padwa in Goa concludes with the Shigmotsav festival conveying the arrival of spring season. We can observe traditional folk and street dance by well trained performers which make us believe in religious mythology.
shigmotsav festival graciano cottages goa
If you are planning for a trip to Goa, Gudi Padwa 2012 will be the right time to visit. You can enjoy the Gudi festival and experience the traditional culture of Goa in the Shigmotsav.