Restaurants in Goa serving delicious Goan Cuisine

Goan Cuisine - Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafreal
Goan cuisine, ranks next to the Goa beaches regarding popularity amongst visitors to Goa. The cuisines are a great mix of delectable food, enriched by tasty vegetarian as well as not to miss non vegetarian dishes from India and Europe. This cuisine mostly makes use of things that are available in abundance at Goa. The common ingredients used are coconut milk, rice, cashew nuts, kokum and local spices called masalas. The Goa Hindu cuisine mostly makes use of vegetables using less onion and garlic, whereas Goan Christian cuisine is mostly influenced by the Portuguese style. Along with fish curry and rice, the most common food items, some popular Goan dishes are Vindaloo, Xacuti and Cafreal. In general Goan cuisine is spicy and tasty.

Many remarkable Goa beaches are the favorite venues of tourists, for tasting the incredible Goan food. It is well said by one of the visitors that if you want to explore Goa in its true sense. Then relax on the sands of one of the beautiful beaches of Goa with a glass of fenny, gulping exclusive sea food dish at the backdrop of mesmerizing music. There are innumerable restaurants in the vicinity of beaches offering you the best type of accommodations, great food varieties and every opportunity to get immersed in the fun of Goan vacations. Most of the resorts and hotels in Goa beaches are furnished with in house restaurants, serving a great variety of food to the visitors. Even then you will not be able to resist your temptation for the crunchy food at the beach side shacks or the tasty street food in Goa.

Goa’s culinary salute to its Portuguese inheritance is clearly seen in Chourico, the spicy sausage. Here you will be amazed to see plenty of carts with apostolic names like "Ave Maria Sausages" catering Chourico spiced with chili, vinegar, garlic and ginger which are eaten with soft Goan bread rolls. Visit Goa for its awesome beaches and taste the amazing food variety at the restaurants in Goa.

Water Sports in Goa

Goa has numerous entertainments for its visitors specially the beach sports (also known as water sports) are widely famous on Goa beaches. If you visit beaches like Baga, Cidade de, Dona Paula, Majorda, Candolim or Colva you can see the enormous choice for water sports in Goa. Following is the list of top 5 water sport activities that you should experience on your trip to Goa beach.

Water Scooter Ride

Water Scooter Ride: Every visitor in Goa definitely plans for a water scooter ride in Goa beach. The sport is thrilling and also affordable. You can easily find it in popular beaches like Cidade de, Dona Paula, Majorda, Candolim and Colva.

Para-sailing: Parasailing is one of the breath-taking water sport activities at Goa beaches. In this sport one end of 300m long rope is attached to the parasail harness, whereas the other end is tied to a speed boat.

Water Skiing: Water Skiing is the most popular beach sport in Goa and you must have viewed it in many Bollywood movies. Waterskiing is the best option for all water enthusiasts who love to head out into the ocean and feel the water splashing across their face.

Water Skiing
 Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving: We recommend scuba diving because it is the only water sport that presences peace of mind and also gives the opportunity to explore the beautiful underwater sceneries and marine creatures.

Banana Boat Ride
Banana Boat Ride: If you are on a group tour to Goa, this water sport will definitely provide the maximum entertainment. In this sport a huge Banana like boat with 7-8 seats is dragged by a speed boat on the sea. You must try it if visiting with friends or family members.

There are many more thrilling and adventurous water sports activities organized at different beaches in Goa. If you are too seeking for adventure like this, please give Hotel Graciano Cottages the opportunity to make you trip the most memorable holiday in Goa.