Weather in Goa and Best Season to Visit

Vacations in Goa are great stress-busters with Arabian Sea’s glittering waves romancing its sandy beaches at the backdrop of lush green surroundings. This region is also popular among tourists for its historical monuments and museums. Before planning a visit, travelers always consider weather in Goa for visiting their favorite spots.

This part of the world experiences hot and humid climate for a certain period every year as it is located in a tropical zone. Its monsoons are enjoyed by some tourists as there are heavy to medium rainfalls, transforming entire region into a green paradise. Interior parts of Goa can also be explored during this period.

Tourists can get heavy discounts on accommodations during summers due to fewer crowds. Many travel companies consider Goa weather as an important factor in deciding prices for their tour packages. A large number of tourists visit this region during winters, as climate is very pleasant and ideal for honeymooners. With temperatures going down considerably, they can have a nice time exploring several attractions that Goa has to offer.

Various festivals such as Christmas are New Year is celebrated with great zest which gives another reason for tourists to visit this region towards the end of winter season. They can also indulge in adventurous water sports and enjoy sightseeing tours. Best season to visit Goa is between the months of October and March.

Summers are hot in Goa with temperature rising to significant levels during daytime. Period between the months of March and May is a time when this region is less crowded. Those who are looking for a calm and quiet atmosphere can find this season extremely pleasant.

Budget travelers can also expect some great deals from their tour operators as prices are generally lowered around this time. Variations in Goa weather offers plenty of opportunities for tourists who love to visit certain destinations according to the prevailing climate.