Goa will be Showered with Events During New Year celebrations 2014

Goa the real escape from routine stresses and strains of busy life has made a place among the top rated tourist spots of India. Beauty of Goa lies in its simplicity and all round resources like beaches, ancient monuments, temples, waterfalls and some of the incredible festivals of Goa. With all these tourist potentials, New Year celebrations in Goa are rampant and this is the best time to visit Goa for saying good bye to the departing year and welcome New Year in a cheering atmosphere. New Year party in Goa presides on the top of all other events of this region.

New Year celebration in Goa can be enjoyed at one of the many venues especially beaches of Goa which are popular world wide for explicit beach activities and a sumptuous vacation at some of the serene beaches. Beaches of Goa become vibrant during Christmas period when thousands of tourists as well as residents converge at these locations to join the partying crowds. Beaches of Goa are brimmed up with all the stuff like beverages, tasty Goan seafood and Dj’s backing up the celebrators who are totally immersed in merrymaking. Goa having some of the reputed churches and a majority of Christian population is the best place to welcome birth of Jesus in one of the world renowned Churches. Cosmopolitan crowds of this destination are very much sensitive towards preserving each others religious faiths. A secular Goa witnesses massive New Years celebrations, when people of many faiths are seen to be taking part in the religious processions. 

Hotels, resorts, casinos, night clubs and restaurants are other best places hosting New Year events in Goa. Easy availability of beverages ranging from local fenny to the most prestigious imported liquors in the clubs and pubs are tempting the party monsters for an explicit celebration. Beaches like Colva are literally swinging on the rhythms of music and the steps of the dancing crowds. Beach shacks on the shores are fully geared up for a supply of Goan liquor as well as exclusive Goan food. Visit Goa to get involved in the vibrant New Year celebrations 2014 in Goa and experience the fun of staying at one of the beach side hotels like Hotel Graciano Cottages near Colva beach.

Grand Celebrations During Christmas In Goa

The birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated with great joy and fervour in Goa, as in many different countries of the world. Festivities during Christmas in Goa involve plenty of merry-making and exchange of gifts. Markets are flooded with lots of stuff for people, especially children. Individuals dressed as Santa Claus can be seen approaching everyone with gifts, while beautifully decorated Christmas trees can be seen outside the homes. Churches come alive with Midnight Mass, which is attended by Christians dressed in their new clothes. Family get-togethers are organized in several homes to celebrate this special occasion.
A Goan touch is given to the celebrations, as a group of people with one among them dressed in the costume of Santa Claus, go around singing carols with a box for fund-raising. The amount collected is used to provide meals for poor people, and this reflects the true spirit of this festival. The Christmas celebration in Goa also involves enjoying a cake made of wine and dry fruits. All family members gather at the house of the most senior family member for a traditional dinner. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to strengthen family bonds. The atmosphere of Goa in Christmas is very much festive like any other major festival of India, but it has an apparent serenity which makes it truly unique.

People visiting Goa around this time of the year, would get a chance to be a part of these festivities. The hotels in Goa has special offerings for tourists who choose to visit this region during mid-December. They also get an opportunity to witness Goa during Christmas time, and the completely different look that it wears on this occasion. Grand parties are hosted by almost all the hotels and resorts during Christmas festival in Goa for their guests, which would also be a memorable experience for them.

Majestic Feast Of Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception

Travelers who visit Goa during early December would get a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the feast of our Our Lady of Immaculate Conception with the locals. This feast is celebrated on the 8th of December every year in many parishes of Goa, and is a great occasion for people to visit the fair held during the festival. It lasts for three days and features several stalls selling different kinds of items. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception looks very attractive with beautifully decorated lights during this festival.
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church
On the 8th of December, 1854, Pope Pius IX had declared the celebration of this event with Father Frank Pinto being the main celebrant of the feast of our lady of immaculate conception Goa tourists witness today. A procession followed by the brass band was taken out after the high mass. Over the years, this feast has become one of the major Christian festivals in the state of Goa. The belief in conception of Virgin Mary is celebrated with this festival, and it is preceded by nine days of novenas. Visitors to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church can also witness some dazzling fireworks during the feast.

People who travel from different parts of the world to be a part of the celebrations can find comfortable accommodations in hotels near Colva beach with all the modern amenities. The feast day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception also has a number of programmes planned in the parish. Festive music is played in the evening, while the faithful enter the church to seek blessings. The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Goa tourists visit every year, wears a completely different look during the feast. People do not mind climbing the 100 steps that lead to this majestic church to feel blessed on this occasion.

Witness the Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa

St. Francis Xavier history says that he was a great Catholic missionary who was born in Spain on seventh April 1506 and came to India with Portuguese Viceroy of Goa in 1543 for introducing Christianity to the people of Goa. He taught and delivered lectures on Gospel of Jesus Christ to local people. While travelling in China for spreading Christianity he died from fever on 2nd December 1552. Feast of St. Francis Xavier is celebrated at Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa to commemorate this great saint.
Feast of St Francis Xavier
The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church Goa is one of the most popular churches located in old Goa, where the remains of the great St. Francis Xavier are kept. The saint honored as Apostle of the Indies, patron saint of Goa was locally known as Goencho Saib by the residents of Goa. The construction of Basilica of Bom Jesus began in 24th November 1594 AD and received the status of minor Basilica in the year 1946. This three story structure displays the best combination of Corinthian, Composite and Doric style of architecture. This huge and spacious structure is the subject of great surprise among the visitors, who are pouring to Goa for a religious feast or for a sumptuous Goan vacation. The relics of St. Francis are kept in this Church in the period ranging from 1623-55 AD. This church dedicated to infant Jesus is beautifully decorated from outside. One hand of the saint was removed from the body before the mortal remains of the saint were kept in a silver casket in Bom Jesus Church Goa. On the occasion of feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa, it was a trend to keep the body out in a glass cover with the feet exposed in order to see and worship it. But due to the deteriorating condition of the body it is no more displayed after 1994. Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa is a religious celebration when stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets are a common scene in the fair. Variety of food and drinks are made available at the venue offering a festive mood in and around the church.
St. Francis Xavier Goa
 Thousands of people from other parts of Goa gather at Bom Jesus Basilica a world heritage monument, which is just ten km to the east of Panaji. Goa has the great capacity to accommodate huge influx of tourists to its tourist destinations. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in North as well as South Goa. A number of budget hotels in South Goa like Hotel Graciano Cottages are much popular among the visitors.

Cultural Event of Goa Konkani Drama Festival

Goa full of events and entertainment throughout the year will be once more in focus when the Goa Konkan academy will host a five day Konkani drama festival at Nagueshi from 4th to 8th January. This week long festival will be adorned with presentation of popular prize winning Konkani plays like Rannge, 'Korta ti Vatt', Homekhand Antruz, Lalitak, 'Oxech ani Itlech, and Bandora. This drama festival is organized by Goa Konkani Academy. Other similar event celebrated here is Marathi Drama Festival.

After the conclusion of the festival on 9th January the performances of the various drama groups will be assessed by a panel in order to select the best drama from the above. Panel The festival is hosted in the evening so that more and more people can attend this festival. These five days provide great relief to the people of the surrounding in the form of quality entertainment. This event is specially meant for encouraging and promoting Konkani stage activities like dance and drama. Goa Kala Academy provides free of cost Auditorium with infrastructure in order to motivate the participating institutions. Additionally a major share of the fund collected from the sale of tickets for the shows. Award winning drama is given a prize as per the rules of the committee. Innumerable Festivals and events of Goa attract many visitors to this most popular beach destination of India. Goa is brimmed up with tourists and professionals from many places in India. Goa international film festival which is also popular by the name international film festival of Goa is another cultural festival.

Past few years have shown a remarkable increase in the number of tourists visiting this most popular destination for joining the events like Goa film festival. Due to the great efforts of local administration and various tourist organizations a great balance is maintained between the number of increasing tourists and number of accommodations made available to them, Popularity of hotels near Colva beach are seen to be on rise due to their proximity to the beach and the serenity experienced.

Remarkable Event "Goa International Film Festival"

Don’t forget to visit Goa for witnessing one of the spectacular events of "International film festival of India 2014" in Goa. This festival was first celebrated in 1952 at Mumbai and afterwards it was organized at many different venues like Madras, Delhi and Calcutta. Finally IFFI was shifted to Goa in 2004 and since then it became a regular annual event of Goa. The aim of this festival is to provide a unique platform for the quality films produced in different countries and get introduced to cultures of various nations. Whereas the ultimate aim is to bring world community together in order to create friendship and cooperation among them. Other festivals which preserve cultural heritage of Goa are Marathi Drama Festival and Konkani Drama Festival.
international film festival in Goa
Goa will be in lime light once more from 20th November onwards till end of November, when the most awaited 44th goa international film festival will be hosted at Panjim. This years IFFI will be inaugurated by Susan Sarandon the popular American actress in a fabulous opening ceremony, which will be held on 20th November. Whereas chief guest for closing ceremony will be Miichelle Yeoh, a well known Malaysian actress. The festival will be opened with the screening of Czech film Don Juans and Indian film Kanyaka Talkies. The Goa film festival will be buzzed up with many Indian and International dignitaries and celebrities from various worldwide locations. A few awards will be awarded to some of the great personalities in film making. This years special attraction of the international film festival in Goa will be a film directed and produced by an Afghan director.

Don’t miss the opportunity of attending this once in a year event of Goa International film festival, which brings thousands of visitors to this destination. As per the reports prepared by the world tourist organizations, Goa has witnessed a great rise in the number of tourists visiting this destination. Where to stay in Goa is not a big issue since Goa has proportionate number of hotels, resorts and other means of accommodations. Cottages near Colva Beach are recommended for a comfortable stay in Goa and exploring the beauty of the beaches in its vicinity.

Goa: Rich Heritage & Tiatr Festival

Goa is a land of cultural marvels, allowing religious freedom still maintaining a communal harmony among its residents. Rich heritage of Goa dominated by many cultures, European as well as Indian makes it a perfect meeting point of East and West. Music and the game of football have important place in the lives of Goan’s. This multicultural past of Goa boasts many festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. Some of the interesting festivals of Goa are Goa Heritage Festival, Pop and Jazz festival, Shimgotsav, Goa carnival, Vasant Panchami and Goa Tiatr Festival.

Tiatr Festival in Goa is one of the popular musical theaters among the Konkani population, which presently focuses on religious, political and social and topics. This festival which reflects culture of Goa is made of six to seven acts known as pordne. These dramas are beautifully presented along with two to three songs placed at constant intervals, which actually don’t have any connection with the main subject of the drama. These popular plays are performed by keeping in mind their importance in developing social awareness among the masses. The topics selected for these acts are mostly observed to be having a great concern with social problems existing in the society. Earlier this festival was dominated by Christian community but it has started attracting Hindu artists to take part in the acts. Heritage Festival in Goa is celebrated with a great pomp and fervor in Panjim and other parts of Goa during the month of November. The celebrations sponsored by Goa tourism department and Panjim City Corporation which present rich heritage of Goa, displays the life and lifestyle of this tourist paradise. Such festivals help in preserving the culture and heritage of the region.

Goa basically being a beach destination tourist’s influx to this place is observed to be attracted towards celebrations and partying on the incredible beaches. Partying on the beautiful beach fronts has helped in mushrooming of many beach shacks and beach side restaurants. Hotel near Colva beach, Graciano cottages is one such restaurant which provides an exclusive room for the vibrant festive as well as cultural celebrations.

Diwali Wish from Hotel Graciano Cottages

With The Eco Of Holy Chants,
With The Bright Glow Of Diyas,
With The Sweet Smell Of Flowers,
May This Diwali Fulfill All Your Dreams.
Happy Diwali.
Hotel Graciano Cottages, Goa

Prominent Bonderam Festival in Goa

Goa is an unchallenged Indian tourist destination with many surprises hidden in its unlimited tourist attractions. In order to reveal the secrets of Goa one has to stay at this destination at least for a week or more. Among the many fairs and festivals bonderam festival in Goa is an annual festival celebrated on the fourth saturday of August at Divar Island. Be prepared to welcome bonderam festival 2013 which is approaching fast.
bonderam festival in goa
Divar Island is located in river Mandovi supposed to be the life line of Goa. Bonderam festival at Divar Island exhibits the rich culture and history of Goa. The island becomes a place of huge celebrations with decorations, floats, flag parades, music and regional dances. Goa was ruled by many foreign powers including the Portuguese, who dominated the region for a quite longer period leaving their impression on the culture of Goa. Bonderam festival originates from the Portuguese word “Bondeira” which means flag. During this festival the island gets captivated with festive mood. A flag parade from main Divar junction is the opening function of the festival, which is followed by a brass band. After this parade the opening of the festival is announced officially. In the later part of the day fancy dress competition is the main attraction for the locals as well as the tourists. This is followed by the float parade, which is backed up with traditional music as well as live performances presented by some of the popular bands of Goa. This tradition has its roots in the clashes between the villagers and Portuguese administration regarding property issues. Portuguese administration resolved this matter by putting flags which marked the boundaries. This became a tradition in the bonderam festival Goa.
bonderam festival in goa 2013
Bonderam festival in Goa 2013 will be celebrated on 24th August at Divar Island, which is just ten km from Panaji and it can be approached by ferry from Old Goa. One has to get down at Konkan railways Carambolim railway station for reaching the venue of this festival. This part of Goa is scenic covered with a beautiful green cover. While arriving in Goa you have ample options of accommodations to select from and budget hotels in Goa are one of the best options.    

Facts About Vagator Beach Goa Tourists Talk About

Goa is home to the most amazing beaches, where sun and sand welcomes tourists wanting to have an exciting time during their vacations. In recent times, an increasing number of travelers are heading towards Vagator Beach to enjoy a walk on its powdery sands. By just typing in the keywords - vagator beach goa india on the search engines, tourists planning a vacation in Goa can get plenty of information about this beautiful attraction in northern part of the state.
Vagator Beach in north Goa
What makes Vagator Beach special is that it is quite far from the hustle-bustle of crowds. Curious visitors who come to this beach are welcomed with a serenity that can seldom be found on the other beaches of Goa. A look at Vagator Beach pictures would reveal much more secrets of this particular region. The beach is clean and worth spending some quiet moments, after having gone through some busy travel schedules. Tourists who visit Vagator Beach in north Goa can also enjoy a fascinating sunset, without being disturbed by huge crowds. Some of them would even like to stay closer to this place and choose an accommodation in a hotel nearby. The hotels in Vagator Beach Goa tourists choose for their accommodations are well-equipped with all the modern facilities. With all such offerings, they can truly have a pleasant stay while touring all the fabulous spots near the beach. To know more, they can type in the keywords - vagator beach goa india on any of the search engines and they would have all the information they want.
Vagator Beach in Goa
Best season to visit Goa and its wonderful beaches is between the months of June and February. Different types of hotels near Vagator Beach would help tourists to choose one which has some of the best facilities and is well-suited to their budgets.

Feast of St. Lawrence a Major Religious Celebration in Goa

Feast of St. Lawrence is celebrated in the month of August throughout Europe and some Asian countries. It is celebrated with more enthusiasm in Goa and Malta. St. Lawrence the great saint of Rome spent his entire life towards the well being of poor and needy. He was born in a town in Aragon in Spain and was appointed as the first deacon to serve the patriarchal church. Feast day of st. Lawrence is considered as one of the important religious events in Rome.

feast of st. lawrence

Lawrence was appointed as chief of seven deacons serving Roman Catholic Church in the third century. He was trusted by the masses as well as the Church authorities, but unfortunately he was arrested by the emperor and roasted to death. Lawrence maintained his dignity and rejoiced martyrdom by accepting death, while praying for the welfare of Rome, having confidence that faith of Christ will one day spread throughout the world. The young deacon and martyr of Rome is ranked among the top saints of Christianity and st. Lawrence feast day is supposed to be on top of religious feasts after the feast of St. Peter and Paul. St Lawrence cared more for the needy and helpless, hence for remembering his efforts of improving the stranded lives people donate money to the needy, offer meals and prayer sessions are held for them on the feast day of St. Lawrence. There are many traditional celebrations of the feast at Saint Lawrence church in Miami. In Goa this festival is celebrated throughout the state in second half of August. Goa being a coastal region which is engaged in fishing on large scale this festival time is supposed to be the beginning of the fishing season. It also celebrates the reopening traffic on River Mandovi along with the end of monsoon. This festival is celebrated in a more religious way at the Agaxim and Sinquerim churches, where St. Lawrence was the patron saint. A special mass is organized at these churches. The mass is followed by a huge procession carrying remains of the great saint, which were brought to Goa by the missionaries. Church of st Lawrence at Tampa arranges prayers and speeches honouring the cleric. Saint Lawrence biography reveals the major incidences occurred in the life of this great saint of humanity.

feast day of st lawrence

The feast is generally celebrated on the 10th of August at Saint Lawrence catholic church and the rituals include a high mass followed by a procession of the relic of St. Lawrence kept in a silver vessel. It was brought to Goa by missionaries. This year the feast will be celebrated on 24th August when lots of visitors are expected to visit Goa. Some of the best hotels in Goa are gearing up to welcome these visitors.

Monsoon Packages in Goa for Romancing The Rains

Many travelers have this misconception that rainy season is not a pleasant time to visit Goa; while the fact is, any experienced tourist would always be ready for an exciting trip to Goa during monsoons. The interesting Goa monsoon packages offered for travelers are of great advantage to such individuals, as they have plenty of exciting stuff to offer.

Goa falls in tropical zone, and the coastal climate that it enjoys in general is a result of its proximity to Arabian Sea. Monsoon season arrives in early June and stays till late September, causing the surroundings to wear fascinating shades of green. The monsoon holiday packages in Goa allow tourists to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, along with frequent doses of pleasant showers. Although this time of the year is considered as an off-season in Goa, it definitely has its own advantages that would be of immense delight for some individuals. The Goa hotels monsoon packages include, are chosen according to the kind of facilities that are provided in them. Certain added amenities that such hotels have for its guests are also taken into consideration. Some hotels offer the best monsoon packages Goa tourists are always in search for. Costs of having an excellent vacation is significantly reduced, while the benefits that are provided in such packages make tourists get the most of Goa during monsoon season. Unbelievable discounts on food and beverages can also be availed by those who choose to buy such monsoon packages.

When it comes to having a comfortable accommodation while vacationing in Goa, Hotel Graciano Cottages would be an ideal choice. The best monsoon packages of Hotel Graciano Cottages are now being offered at attractive prices. With all the offerings that guests get to enjoy with these packages, they would definitely agree that it is one of the best hotels in Goa for tourists.

Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Goa

Feast of Saint Peter and Paul is a feast celebrated to honor the martyrdom of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This feast which is observed on 29th of June every year commemorates the bravery of the two great apostles. They were imprisoned in the Mamertine prison in Rome. These saints were the patron saints of this city, so the main focus of this festivity is on the Basilica of St. Paul’s outside walls, where secular and traditional celebrations of feast of st. Peter and feast of st. Paul take place.

feast of saint peter and saint paul

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a holy day to celebrate in many parts of the world. St Peter was honored by designating as a leader to lead the flock and St. Paul’s authority is equivalent to the present day pope. St. Peter was crucified whereas Saint Paul who was a Roman citizen was beheaded. Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is celebrated in worldwide Roman Catholic churches for paying respect to the great saints of Christianity. In Goa a tradition of Sangodd is observed in this festival by the fishermen in Bardez taluka. This villages located along the northern coast of Goa celebrate feast of St. Peter and Paul 2013 in the monsoon season, when they make a raft by tying their fishing boats to use it as a stage. Beautiful minuscule models of Chapels and Churches are built on this stage. After the morning service and a huge celebration the festival of Sangodd is held. Entertainment in the form of Tiatrs a kind of local drama along with folk music and dances are performed by local artists. These performances are watched by a large crowd, which is gathered on the banks of the river. Candolim becomes vibrant with the celebrations of this festival which includes boat rides and folk dancing. It is believed that St. Peter was a fisherman hence this feast is mainly celebrated by the fisherman community. The occasion is highlighted with fireworks which is displayed in steps and ends at the Chapel of St. Peter. Feast of Saint Peter and Paul in Goa is a must visit event of the region.

Feast of St. Peter and Paul

The traditional festival of sangodd held in the village of Candolim begins at the Orda jetty followed by a cultural program on the makeshift stage prepared specially for the feast. Spectators chant Viva San Pedr as the sangodd travels along the banks. These unique festivals of Goa attract many tourists and the budget hotels in Goa located at different tourist locations accommodate these tourists at affordable costs.

Feast Day of St John the Baptist, Goa

Birth of St. John the Baptist is assumed to be a message of arrival of Jesus Christ. As per words of bishop a child was born to the couple Zachary and Elizabeth and was named John, who later became popular in the Christian world as st. John the Baptist. Birth of St. John popularly called Nativity of St. John the Baptist, is a Christian feast celebrating the birth of the saint on 24th June every year. There are many legends about St. John the Baptist’s birth. This festival is celebrated throughout Europe in traditional way. On the eve of this feast “Saint John's fires" are lighted on mountains and hilltops. The Christians of Goa are celebrating this festival since long time, which is popularly called “Sao Joao festival”. This popular festival in Goa is well known for its legends and ultimate rituals. This festival in Goa offers best opportunity to know more about who is St. John the Baptists.
St John the Baptist Church
St John the Baptist Church (Pilerne, Goa)
Goa becomes vibrant during feast of saint John the baptist and people unite and greet each other with joy and happiness. This feast attracts hordes of tourist to North Goa, where it is celebrated with pomp and fervor. Feast day of st. John the baptist is celebrated in most traditional way with youngsters taking out huge processions and collecting fruits, liquor and gifts from the nearby houses. This collection is then immersed in water and prayers are offered by the crowd present at the celebrations.  Youngsters waiting for the moment when prayers are finished, are eager to jump in the waters. As soon as the prayers are finished they jump into the water shouting “Sao Joao Viva” for taking out the bottles of liquor and other valuables. It is the real moment to witness for tourists and locals, who are present at the venue. Feast of St. John in Goa is one of the most important days in the lives of Goan people.
feast day of st john the baptist
Sao Joao festival Goa is the best time to visit this popular destination and witness the cheering processions and celebrations. Some of the Hotels in Goa, offer special discounts for the visitors who are arriving during festival time.

Feast of St. Anthony in Goa

Goa celebrates many festivals throughout the year, which brings colors and glory to the lives of the Govan people. Festivals of Goa can be categorized as religious, harvest and fun festivals. One of the festivals of Goa called festival of St. Anthony is totally a religious festival celebrated in the month of June at many places in Goa.

festival of st. anthony in goa

Preparations for this feast called Talles start thirteen days prior to the festival instead of nine days preparations for all other festivals. St. Anthony is popular by the name St. Anthony of Lisbon or St. Anthony of Padua, because he was born in Lisbon and died at Padua in Italy. The Saint had a large group of followers, who are praying for him. The feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in all the churches of Goa. At Siolim a village in Bardez taluka of Goa the festival is observed with lots of pomp and fervor. In his life St. Anthony was the patron saint in church of Siolim. Another majestic celebration of this festival is observed at Chapel of St Anthony at Goa in Velha. A huge statue of saint with a serpent in his right hand represents correct nature of the saint, who used to perform many miracles when he was alive. A chapel to honor the saint was also raised at Velha in Goa. 13th of June is the St. Anthony feast day, which is celebrated throughout the state of Goa. Fairs are also organized during this festival in some parts of the state. St Anthony Miracle prayer has shown many unbelievable positive developments taking place in the lives of his followers. On any Tuesday one can join those people, who are making a novena by reciting and continuing to pray some particular prayers for nine consecutive Tuesdays, called St Anthony’s novena.

feast of st. anthony

Festival of St Anthony being a religious festival of the Christians it attracts many religious people to the churches, where the feast is celebrated. Likewise fairs and festivals of Goa attract huge crowds to the state from the neighboring places. Festival time is the best time to visit this destination, but you must make bookings of your accommodations prior to your departure. Goa hotels offer both luxurious and affordable accommodations at different locations.

Highlights of Colva Beach in Goa

Colva beach is one of the longest and inviting beaches of South Goa stretching almost 2.4 km on the southern coastline. This white sandy beach is lined by coconut trees from Bogamalo to Cabo de Rama in the north. It was one of the favourite beaches during Portuguese period. They preferred this location for getting some fresh air of the region. Presently the area is adorned with beautiful houses and villas with a few ruins of the old village. Many people enjoy watching the sunset at this beach, while others come and enjoy the tasty seafood treats at the beach shacks and beach restaurants.
colva beach in goa

Budget cottages near colva beach are the best for the beach enthusiasts, Earlier the beach was merely a small village occupied by fishermen and other natives who made their living by selling local fruits and fruit products. The scene at this beach has changed drastically. It has gained reputation amongst tourists as the best place to relax, eat and gulp some delicious food varieties. Hotels near colva beach offer both luxurious and cheap means of stay at the destination. The beach becomes busy in the month of October, when groups of pilgrims converge at the church near the beach. This ancient Church is one of the places to visit during your visit to Colva. Budget hotels near colva beach provide means of economical stay for the pilgrims visiting this historic Church. This beach is safe for swimming since it is monitored by the life guards and is flagged, whereas swimming area is indicated by red coloured flags.
colva beach in south goa

There is a pond at the base of the falls. Region around the falls is covered with dense deciduous forests and exclusive varieties of birds, plants and wild animals. Another tourist attraction near Colva beach is the Loutolim village located just twenty six km from the beach. This village demonstrating villas with beautiful Portuguese style of architecture is the main attraction for the tourists. The village houses one of its kind open-air Museums cum park called “Big foot” where huge sculptures made out of laterite are kept. House owned by famous Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda is also worth visiting. Apart from this there are many other surprises in and around Colva. Colva beach hotels and cottages offer more value to your money. There are many different types of hotels and resorts in Colva, some of the popular types include the cottages near Colva beach, which are beautifully furnished from inside and offer an identical look from outside.

Igitun Chalne Festival in Goa

Celebrations occupy prime place in the lives of the Goan people. Goa is a place to celebrate and have fun and entertainment packed in its surroundings. Festivals of Goa are celebrated irrespective of cast, creed or religions which are spread across the year. So whenever you are visiting Goa you have to consider the festival time as one of the important factors. May it be a religious festival or a musical event, entertainment and fun is guaranteed during these festivals. One of the religious festivals of Goa in the month of May is "Igitun Chalne festival". This year it will be celebrated on 12th May 2013.

igitun chalne Festival in goa
This festival is held in Sirigao temple near Bicholim in North Goa, which is located about thirty km from the capital Panjim. This town is popular as the mining heartland of Goa hence visited by many people. Sirigao is a village in Bicholim Taluk at around a distance of four km from Bicholim city and fifteen km from Panaji. Some of the prominent temples in Bicholim are Mahadeva Temple and Shanta Durga temple. Sirigao a small village near Bicholim has become popular for its temple of the goddess Lahrai and the festival of "Igitun Chalne" which means walking on the burning coal. As per the legends goddess Lahrai with her six sisters and one brother arrived in Goa from Bengal. They stayed at different places in Goa such as Mayem where the eldest sister stayed, Sirigao where the second stayed and the third settled at Mulgao, On the Jatra day these sisters used to send gift of a pot every year to the prime goddess Lahrai. This trend is continued since many years. In the month of May during the "Igitun Chalne festival" held at the Lahrai devi temple in Sirigao, many devotees from surrounding region gather here to celebrate the festival of the deity. Along with the devotees many tourists also visit this village to witness the ritual in which the devotees walk on burning coal to show their affection and devotion towards the deity.
igitun chalne festival
The best time to visit Goa is supposed to be the cooler months from November to March but summer envelopes many fairs, festivals and events, so if you want to witness the awesome festivals like "Igitun Chalne" then visit Goa during the month of May. Budget cottages in Goa are a unique means to enjoy your stay during vacations. We at Graciano Cottages in Goa can assure the visitors of a splendid stay in our beach front accommodation with a list of in house facilities.

Celebrate Rang Panchami & Holi in Goa

Holi is the festival of joy and it is celebrated with pomp and fervor throughout the country. Enthusiasm and zest of the celebrators reaches a peak level during the celebrations of Holi festival in Goa. Honored as the festival of colors rang panchami is observed on the fifth day of the month called Panchami. These festivals show a root deeply embellished in the historical and cultural backgrounds of Hindu religion. Holi is nothing but the symbolic celebration of victory of Good over evil. Holi is also known by the names Dhulivandan, Dhulandi and Dhulheti. The historical origin of the festival takes us to the legend of Bhakta Pralhad who escaped the grip of demoness Holika who took him into fire, Holika was burned in the fire but Pralhad escaped. In southern India it is referred to as Kama Dahanam.
Holi Festival in Goa
Goa the melting pot of many cultures displaying the dominance of Hinduism and Christianity celebrates this festival of vigor with real Goan spirit. It offers lots of dedication towards celebrating many colorful festivals of the region. The Goan culture is more liberal and teaches its inhabitants the great path of following a secular way of life. Goans are observed to be on the forefront regarding the Holi and Rang panchami celebrations. This spring festival is typically referred to as Shimgo by the locals. It is celebrated in the most religious and traditional way. Spreading of Gulal by the masses makes the atmosphere more enchanting which is supported by the roar of the drum beats taking the celebrations on high spirits. Cultural events in Goa during Holi festival are witnessed in the form of troupe performances and cultural dramas based on the mythological legends. Panaji organizes a huge parade and observes descent Holi celebrations in this city. Ancient temples in Goa are beautified with illuminations and special events are arranged during the festival. The most dazzling rang panchami in Goa is observed at Margao, Mapusa, Panaji and Vasco, whereas Damodar temple at Zambaulim celebrates it by the names Fatorpa and Zambaulim gulal.
Rang Panchami in Goa
Goa normally gets flooded with tourists during festivals but visitors have lot of choice in selecting the location and type for their stay. We would like to invite you to Colva beach the authentic beach destination of Goa, for an invigorating stay in vicinity of the beach at our Hotel Graciano cottages. The hotel is beautifully decorated during festive time and we provide every facility to enjoy a stupendous stay while exploring the beauty of the festival.

Get the Glance of Incredible Celebrations of Goa Carnival 2013 at Colva Beach

It’s time again to get geared up for the most awaited blissful event in Goa the Goa Carnival 2013. This year Carnival in Goa will be celebrated from 9th of February till 12th of February. Carnival the most entertaining and energetic festival of Goa will rock Goa for three more days. The heat of this festival will also be transformed into the splendid beaches of Goa. Colva Beach the splendid fine sandy beach of Goa will be dazzling with the carnival celebrations to its full capacity.
traditional dance at Beach Bonanza festival
Colva is the longest strip of picturesque white sandy beach in South Goa lined beautifully with palm trees, adorning the coast from Cabo de Rama in the south till Bogmalo in the North. Previously this was the most favorite place of top class people of Goa. It was visited for a placid stay at the backdrop of the tranquil surroundings. The beach apart from its suitability to enjoy splendid beach activities has many other attractions, which bring hordes of visitors to this incredible beach in Goa.They include the historical churches like Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Piedade, which was established long back in 1630 and keeps much importance among the catholic community of Goa.
beach bonanza

The Church is more popular for its religious event Fama of Menino Jesuse celebrated annually in the month of October. A large fair is organized at Colva during this festival. Colva is also popular for its adventure activities like parasailing, Jet skiing and above all the underwater excursion. The exclusive length of the beach makes it a heaven for parasailing and riding the speedboats. Hotels near Colva beach in Goa are set for a massive Carnival celebration.
beach bonanza festival

Colva is blessed with all the natural beauties like powdered white sand, huge space for partying and the greenery at the backdrop of the ocean. Keeping the popularity of the beach in mind many budget hotels in Goa near Colva beach have sprung up rapidly. We at Hotel Graciano cottages near Colva beach in Goa, are totally prepared to welcome the cheering crowds of the visitors during the Carnival celebrations starting from 9th February onwards. Visit Goa to witness the charm of the fascinating Carnival celebrations. We will make your stay in Goa during this season a splendid experience to share with your friends and colleagues.

Goa Carnival 2013, Goa Carnival Festival 2013 Dates

One of the most eagerly awaited festivals celebrated in Goa, Goa Carnival 2013 also popularly known as “Intruz” would be full of enthusiast people letting their hairs down and enjoying the festivity. This year the carnival is scheduled from 9th February to 12th February. These festivity witness people in colorful procession and well choreographed street performances.

goa carnival 2013

carnival festival in goa

carnival in goa 2013

carnival in goa

carnival schedule 2013

The event is celebrated before Lent; the season when people abstain from taking meat for 40 days. It’s a trend which was started 500 years ago and is been followed religiously every year in different parts of the world. The concept of Carnival in Goa was introduced by Portuguese when they had established their colony here. Over the years there have been many changes in the way the carnival is hosted but the reason and the zeal among the crowd is always high. Carnival celebrations bring people together to spread joy and happiness.  The carnival will commence from Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Panaji on 9th February at 4.00 pm. The carnival would pass through Margao and Vasco before ending at Mapusa on 12th February.  The most enthralling and exciting activities of the carnival is the arrival of “KING MOMO.”  The motto of the carnival is to enjoy oneself by indulging in activities like singing and dancing with the parade.

goa carnival festival 2013

goa carnival festival

goa carnival

goa carnival2013


If you happen to visit Goa during this carnival season, you would get an option to witness the rich culture and heritage of Goa. A parade filled with colorful floats, masks and grand ball in the evening makes it one of the best festivals in Goa. Booking your accommodations in budget hotel would be the first thing on your mind before stepping out to enjoy Goa Carnival.

Exclusive Beach Cottages in Goa

Goa a tiny state sandwiched between neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka with a long coastal line, which is popular as former Portuguese colony attracting thousands of tourists from worldwide destinations. During the special occasions like Goa Carnival and Christmas tourists are pouring from every corner of the world. To accommodate this large number of tourists, Goa is always ready with its deserving accommodation options like hotels, resorts, beach resorts and cottages. Cottages in Goa are a unique means of accommodations built in most eco friendly way at the same time providing most modern amenities and beautiful views of the surroundings.

beach cottages in Goa

Goa is popular among the worldwide tourists as an enticing beach destination. It is blessed with number of inviting beaches along its coastal line. Some of the beaches are more popular for the incredible beach activities while others are serene and tranquil best for relaxation and sun bathing. Among the cottages, beach cottages in Goa are the most preferred category appreciated by many tourists visiting the state. These beach cottages are located near the glorious beaches making access to the beach more convenient. Stay in these cottages is more fascinating during the beach festivals which are celebrated with fervor through out the night. The interior of the cottages is tastefully decorated and the rooms are spacious. The accommodation type in the cottages is grouped into different categories like executive, luxury and suits.

cottages in goa
The ambience of the cheap cottages in Goa offers a homely as well as professional touch. These beach cottages in Goa are the best option of accommodation for families as well as honeymoon couples since they provide total privacy. Beach cottages offer a memorable view of the beach and its surroundings. Some of the budget cottages in Goa are ancient villas turned into cottages with lush green gardens, swimming pool and attractive roofing.
goa cottages

While visiting Goa book your accommodations in advance using the online facility. Beaches of Goa being the major attractions it is more preferable to select location of your accommodation near one of these beaches. Colva beach one of the popular beaches of Goa has both options of relaxation as well enjoying the exotic beach activities. This beach offers some of the best cottages in Goa.