Goa Carnival 2013, Goa Carnival Festival 2013 Dates

One of the most eagerly awaited festivals celebrated in Goa, Goa Carnival 2013 also popularly known as “Intruz” would be full of enthusiast people letting their hairs down and enjoying the festivity. This year the carnival is scheduled from 9th February to 12th February. These festivity witness people in colorful procession and well choreographed street performances.

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The event is celebrated before Lent; the season when people abstain from taking meat for 40 days. It’s a trend which was started 500 years ago and is been followed religiously every year in different parts of the world. The concept of Carnival in Goa was introduced by Portuguese when they had established their colony here. Over the years there have been many changes in the way the carnival is hosted but the reason and the zeal among the crowd is always high. Carnival celebrations bring people together to spread joy and happiness.  The carnival will commence from Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Panaji on 9th February at 4.00 pm. The carnival would pass through Margao and Vasco before ending at Mapusa on 12th February.  The most enthralling and exciting activities of the carnival is the arrival of “KING MOMO.”  The motto of the carnival is to enjoy oneself by indulging in activities like singing and dancing with the parade.

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If you happen to visit Goa during this carnival season, you would get an option to witness the rich culture and heritage of Goa. A parade filled with colorful floats, masks and grand ball in the evening makes it one of the best festivals in Goa. Booking your accommodations in budget hotel would be the first thing on your mind before stepping out to enjoy Goa Carnival.