Highlights of Colva Beach in Goa

Colva beach is one of the longest and inviting beaches of South Goa stretching almost 2.4 km on the southern coastline. This white sandy beach is lined by coconut trees from Bogamalo to Cabo de Rama in the north. It was one of the favourite beaches during Portuguese period. They preferred this location for getting some fresh air of the region. Presently the area is adorned with beautiful houses and villas with a few ruins of the old village. Many people enjoy watching the sunset at this beach, while others come and enjoy the tasty seafood treats at the beach shacks and beach restaurants.
colva beach in goa

Budget cottages near colva beach are the best for the beach enthusiasts, Earlier the beach was merely a small village occupied by fishermen and other natives who made their living by selling local fruits and fruit products. The scene at this beach has changed drastically. It has gained reputation amongst tourists as the best place to relax, eat and gulp some delicious food varieties. Hotels near colva beach offer both luxurious and cheap means of stay at the destination. The beach becomes busy in the month of October, when groups of pilgrims converge at the church near the beach. This ancient Church is one of the places to visit during your visit to Colva. Budget hotels near colva beach provide means of economical stay for the pilgrims visiting this historic Church. This beach is safe for swimming since it is monitored by the life guards and is flagged, whereas swimming area is indicated by red coloured flags.
colva beach in south goa

There is a pond at the base of the falls. Region around the falls is covered with dense deciduous forests and exclusive varieties of birds, plants and wild animals. Another tourist attraction near Colva beach is the Loutolim village located just twenty six km from the beach. This village demonstrating villas with beautiful Portuguese style of architecture is the main attraction for the tourists. The village houses one of its kind open-air Museums cum park called “Big foot” where huge sculptures made out of laterite are kept. House owned by famous Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda is also worth visiting. Apart from this there are many other surprises in and around Colva. Colva beach hotels and cottages offer more value to your money. There are many different types of hotels and resorts in Colva, some of the popular types include the cottages near Colva beach, which are beautifully furnished from inside and offer an identical look from outside.