Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Goa

Feast of Saint Peter and Paul is a feast celebrated to honor the martyrdom of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This feast which is observed on 29th of June every year commemorates the bravery of the two great apostles. They were imprisoned in the Mamertine prison in Rome. These saints were the patron saints of this city, so the main focus of this festivity is on the Basilica of St. Paul’s outside walls, where secular and traditional celebrations of feast of st. Peter and feast of st. Paul take place.

feast of saint peter and saint paul

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul is a holy day to celebrate in many parts of the world. St Peter was honored by designating as a leader to lead the flock and St. Paul’s authority is equivalent to the present day pope. St. Peter was crucified whereas Saint Paul who was a Roman citizen was beheaded. Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is celebrated in worldwide Roman Catholic churches for paying respect to the great saints of Christianity. In Goa a tradition of Sangodd is observed in this festival by the fishermen in Bardez taluka. This villages located along the northern coast of Goa celebrate feast of St. Peter and Paul 2013 in the monsoon season, when they make a raft by tying their fishing boats to use it as a stage. Beautiful minuscule models of Chapels and Churches are built on this stage. After the morning service and a huge celebration the festival of Sangodd is held. Entertainment in the form of Tiatrs a kind of local drama along with folk music and dances are performed by local artists. These performances are watched by a large crowd, which is gathered on the banks of the river. Candolim becomes vibrant with the celebrations of this festival which includes boat rides and folk dancing. It is believed that St. Peter was a fisherman hence this feast is mainly celebrated by the fisherman community. The occasion is highlighted with fireworks which is displayed in steps and ends at the Chapel of St. Peter. Feast of Saint Peter and Paul in Goa is a must visit event of the region.

Feast of St. Peter and Paul

The traditional festival of sangodd held in the village of Candolim begins at the Orda jetty followed by a cultural program on the makeshift stage prepared specially for the feast. Spectators chant Viva San Pedr as the sangodd travels along the banks. These unique festivals of Goa attract many tourists and the budget hotels in Goa located at different tourist locations accommodate these tourists at affordable costs.

Feast Day of St John the Baptist, Goa

Birth of St. John the Baptist is assumed to be a message of arrival of Jesus Christ. As per words of bishop a child was born to the couple Zachary and Elizabeth and was named John, who later became popular in the Christian world as st. John the Baptist. Birth of St. John popularly called Nativity of St. John the Baptist, is a Christian feast celebrating the birth of the saint on 24th June every year. There are many legends about St. John the Baptist’s birth. This festival is celebrated throughout Europe in traditional way. On the eve of this feast “Saint John's fires" are lighted on mountains and hilltops. The Christians of Goa are celebrating this festival since long time, which is popularly called “Sao Joao festival”. This popular festival in Goa is well known for its legends and ultimate rituals. This festival in Goa offers best opportunity to know more about who is St. John the Baptists.
St John the Baptist Church
St John the Baptist Church (Pilerne, Goa)
Goa becomes vibrant during feast of saint John the baptist and people unite and greet each other with joy and happiness. This feast attracts hordes of tourist to North Goa, where it is celebrated with pomp and fervor. Feast day of st. John the baptist is celebrated in most traditional way with youngsters taking out huge processions and collecting fruits, liquor and gifts from the nearby houses. This collection is then immersed in water and prayers are offered by the crowd present at the celebrations.  Youngsters waiting for the moment when prayers are finished, are eager to jump in the waters. As soon as the prayers are finished they jump into the water shouting “Sao Joao Viva” for taking out the bottles of liquor and other valuables. It is the real moment to witness for tourists and locals, who are present at the venue. Feast of St. John in Goa is one of the most important days in the lives of Goan people.
feast day of st john the baptist
Sao Joao festival Goa is the best time to visit this popular destination and witness the cheering processions and celebrations. Some of the Hotels in Goa, offer special discounts for the visitors who are arriving during festival time.

Feast of St. Anthony in Goa

Goa celebrates many festivals throughout the year, which brings colors and glory to the lives of the Govan people. Festivals of Goa can be categorized as religious, harvest and fun festivals. One of the festivals of Goa called festival of St. Anthony is totally a religious festival celebrated in the month of June at many places in Goa.

festival of st. anthony in goa

Preparations for this feast called Talles start thirteen days prior to the festival instead of nine days preparations for all other festivals. St. Anthony is popular by the name St. Anthony of Lisbon or St. Anthony of Padua, because he was born in Lisbon and died at Padua in Italy. The Saint had a large group of followers, who are praying for him. The feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in all the churches of Goa. At Siolim a village in Bardez taluka of Goa the festival is observed with lots of pomp and fervor. In his life St. Anthony was the patron saint in church of Siolim. Another majestic celebration of this festival is observed at Chapel of St Anthony at Goa in Velha. A huge statue of saint with a serpent in his right hand represents correct nature of the saint, who used to perform many miracles when he was alive. A chapel to honor the saint was also raised at Velha in Goa. 13th of June is the St. Anthony feast day, which is celebrated throughout the state of Goa. Fairs are also organized during this festival in some parts of the state. St Anthony Miracle prayer has shown many unbelievable positive developments taking place in the lives of his followers. On any Tuesday one can join those people, who are making a novena by reciting and continuing to pray some particular prayers for nine consecutive Tuesdays, called St Anthony’s novena.

feast of st. anthony

Festival of St Anthony being a religious festival of the Christians it attracts many religious people to the churches, where the feast is celebrated. Likewise fairs and festivals of Goa attract huge crowds to the state from the neighboring places. Festival time is the best time to visit this destination, but you must make bookings of your accommodations prior to your departure. Goa hotels offer both luxurious and affordable accommodations at different locations.