Feast Day of St John the Baptist, Goa

Birth of St. John the Baptist is assumed to be a message of arrival of Jesus Christ. As per words of bishop a child was born to the couple Zachary and Elizabeth and was named John, who later became popular in the Christian world as st. John the Baptist. Birth of St. John popularly called Nativity of St. John the Baptist, is a Christian feast celebrating the birth of the saint on 24th June every year. There are many legends about St. John the Baptist’s birth. This festival is celebrated throughout Europe in traditional way. On the eve of this feast “Saint John's fires" are lighted on mountains and hilltops. The Christians of Goa are celebrating this festival since long time, which is popularly called “Sao Joao festival”. This popular festival in Goa is well known for its legends and ultimate rituals. This festival in Goa offers best opportunity to know more about who is St. John the Baptists.
St John the Baptist Church
St John the Baptist Church (Pilerne, Goa)
Goa becomes vibrant during feast of saint John the baptist and people unite and greet each other with joy and happiness. This feast attracts hordes of tourist to North Goa, where it is celebrated with pomp and fervor. Feast day of st. John the baptist is celebrated in most traditional way with youngsters taking out huge processions and collecting fruits, liquor and gifts from the nearby houses. This collection is then immersed in water and prayers are offered by the crowd present at the celebrations.  Youngsters waiting for the moment when prayers are finished, are eager to jump in the waters. As soon as the prayers are finished they jump into the water shouting “Sao Joao Viva” for taking out the bottles of liquor and other valuables. It is the real moment to witness for tourists and locals, who are present at the venue. Feast of St. John in Goa is one of the most important days in the lives of Goan people.
feast day of st john the baptist
Sao Joao festival Goa is the best time to visit this popular destination and witness the cheering processions and celebrations. Some of the Hotels in Goa, offer special discounts for the visitors who are arriving during festival time.