Witness the Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa

St. Francis Xavier history says that he was a great Catholic missionary who was born in Spain on seventh April 1506 and came to India with Portuguese Viceroy of Goa in 1543 for introducing Christianity to the people of Goa. He taught and delivered lectures on Gospel of Jesus Christ to local people. While travelling in China for spreading Christianity he died from fever on 2nd December 1552. Feast of St. Francis Xavier is celebrated at Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa to commemorate this great saint.
Feast of St Francis Xavier
The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church Goa is one of the most popular churches located in old Goa, where the remains of the great St. Francis Xavier are kept. The saint honored as Apostle of the Indies, patron saint of Goa was locally known as Goencho Saib by the residents of Goa. The construction of Basilica of Bom Jesus began in 24th November 1594 AD and received the status of minor Basilica in the year 1946. This three story structure displays the best combination of Corinthian, Composite and Doric style of architecture. This huge and spacious structure is the subject of great surprise among the visitors, who are pouring to Goa for a religious feast or for a sumptuous Goan vacation. The relics of St. Francis are kept in this Church in the period ranging from 1623-55 AD. This church dedicated to infant Jesus is beautifully decorated from outside. One hand of the saint was removed from the body before the mortal remains of the saint were kept in a silver casket in Bom Jesus Church Goa. On the occasion of feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa, it was a trend to keep the body out in a glass cover with the feet exposed in order to see and worship it. But due to the deteriorating condition of the body it is no more displayed after 1994. Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa is a religious celebration when stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets are a common scene in the fair. Variety of food and drinks are made available at the venue offering a festive mood in and around the church.
St. Francis Xavier Goa
 Thousands of people from other parts of Goa gather at Bom Jesus Basilica a world heritage monument, which is just ten km to the east of Panaji. Goa has the great capacity to accommodate huge influx of tourists to its tourist destinations. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in North as well as South Goa. A number of budget hotels in South Goa like Hotel Graciano Cottages are much popular among the visitors.

Cultural Event of Goa Konkani Drama Festival

Goa full of events and entertainment throughout the year will be once more in focus when the Goa Konkan academy will host a five day Konkani drama festival at Nagueshi from 4th to 8th January. This week long festival will be adorned with presentation of popular prize winning Konkani plays like Rannge, 'Korta ti Vatt', Homekhand Antruz, Lalitak, 'Oxech ani Itlech, and Bandora. This drama festival is organized by Goa Konkani Academy. Other similar event celebrated here is Marathi Drama Festival.

After the conclusion of the festival on 9th January the performances of the various drama groups will be assessed by a panel in order to select the best drama from the above. Panel The festival is hosted in the evening so that more and more people can attend this festival. These five days provide great relief to the people of the surrounding in the form of quality entertainment. This event is specially meant for encouraging and promoting Konkani stage activities like dance and drama. Goa Kala Academy provides free of cost Auditorium with infrastructure in order to motivate the participating institutions. Additionally a major share of the fund collected from the sale of tickets for the shows. Award winning drama is given a prize as per the rules of the committee. Innumerable Festivals and events of Goa attract many visitors to this most popular beach destination of India. Goa is brimmed up with tourists and professionals from many places in India. Goa international film festival which is also popular by the name international film festival of Goa is another cultural festival.

Past few years have shown a remarkable increase in the number of tourists visiting this most popular destination for joining the events like Goa film festival. Due to the great efforts of local administration and various tourist organizations a great balance is maintained between the number of increasing tourists and number of accommodations made available to them, Popularity of hotels near Colva beach are seen to be on rise due to their proximity to the beach and the serenity experienced.

Remarkable Event "Goa International Film Festival"

Don’t forget to visit Goa for witnessing one of the spectacular events of "International film festival of India 2014" in Goa. This festival was first celebrated in 1952 at Mumbai and afterwards it was organized at many different venues like Madras, Delhi and Calcutta. Finally IFFI was shifted to Goa in 2004 and since then it became a regular annual event of Goa. The aim of this festival is to provide a unique platform for the quality films produced in different countries and get introduced to cultures of various nations. Whereas the ultimate aim is to bring world community together in order to create friendship and cooperation among them. Other festivals which preserve cultural heritage of Goa are Marathi Drama Festival and Konkani Drama Festival.
international film festival in Goa
Goa will be in lime light once more from 20th November onwards till end of November, when the most awaited 44th goa international film festival will be hosted at Panjim. This years IFFI will be inaugurated by Susan Sarandon the popular American actress in a fabulous opening ceremony, which will be held on 20th November. Whereas chief guest for closing ceremony will be Miichelle Yeoh, a well known Malaysian actress. The festival will be opened with the screening of Czech film Don Juans and Indian film Kanyaka Talkies. The Goa film festival will be buzzed up with many Indian and International dignitaries and celebrities from various worldwide locations. A few awards will be awarded to some of the great personalities in film making. This years special attraction of the international film festival in Goa will be a film directed and produced by an Afghan director.

Don’t miss the opportunity of attending this once in a year event of Goa International film festival, which brings thousands of visitors to this destination. As per the reports prepared by the world tourist organizations, Goa has witnessed a great rise in the number of tourists visiting this destination. Where to stay in Goa is not a big issue since Goa has proportionate number of hotels, resorts and other means of accommodations. Cottages near Colva Beach are recommended for a comfortable stay in Goa and exploring the beauty of the beaches in its vicinity.

Goa: Rich Heritage & Tiatr Festival

Goa is a land of cultural marvels, allowing religious freedom still maintaining a communal harmony among its residents. Rich heritage of Goa dominated by many cultures, European as well as Indian makes it a perfect meeting point of East and West. Music and the game of football have important place in the lives of Goan’s. This multicultural past of Goa boasts many festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. Some of the interesting festivals of Goa are Goa Heritage Festival, Pop and Jazz festival, Shimgotsav, Goa carnival, Vasant Panchami and Goa Tiatr Festival.

Tiatr Festival in Goa is one of the popular musical theaters among the Konkani population, which presently focuses on religious, political and social and topics. This festival which reflects culture of Goa is made of six to seven acts known as pordne. These dramas are beautifully presented along with two to three songs placed at constant intervals, which actually don’t have any connection with the main subject of the drama. These popular plays are performed by keeping in mind their importance in developing social awareness among the masses. The topics selected for these acts are mostly observed to be having a great concern with social problems existing in the society. Earlier this festival was dominated by Christian community but it has started attracting Hindu artists to take part in the acts. Heritage Festival in Goa is celebrated with a great pomp and fervor in Panjim and other parts of Goa during the month of November. The celebrations sponsored by Goa tourism department and Panjim City Corporation which present rich heritage of Goa, displays the life and lifestyle of this tourist paradise. Such festivals help in preserving the culture and heritage of the region.

Goa basically being a beach destination tourist’s influx to this place is observed to be attracted towards celebrations and partying on the incredible beaches. Partying on the beautiful beach fronts has helped in mushrooming of many beach shacks and beach side restaurants. Hotel near Colva beach, Graciano cottages is one such restaurant which provides an exclusive room for the vibrant festive as well as cultural celebrations.

Diwali Wish from Hotel Graciano Cottages

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Happy Diwali.
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