Witness the Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa

St. Francis Xavier history says that he was a great Catholic missionary who was born in Spain on seventh April 1506 and came to India with Portuguese Viceroy of Goa in 1543 for introducing Christianity to the people of Goa. He taught and delivered lectures on Gospel of Jesus Christ to local people. While travelling in China for spreading Christianity he died from fever on 2nd December 1552. Feast of St. Francis Xavier is celebrated at Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa to commemorate this great saint.
Feast of St Francis Xavier
The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church Goa is one of the most popular churches located in old Goa, where the remains of the great St. Francis Xavier are kept. The saint honored as Apostle of the Indies, patron saint of Goa was locally known as Goencho Saib by the residents of Goa. The construction of Basilica of Bom Jesus began in 24th November 1594 AD and received the status of minor Basilica in the year 1946. This three story structure displays the best combination of Corinthian, Composite and Doric style of architecture. This huge and spacious structure is the subject of great surprise among the visitors, who are pouring to Goa for a religious feast or for a sumptuous Goan vacation. The relics of St. Francis are kept in this Church in the period ranging from 1623-55 AD. This church dedicated to infant Jesus is beautifully decorated from outside. One hand of the saint was removed from the body before the mortal remains of the saint were kept in a silver casket in Bom Jesus Church Goa. On the occasion of feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa, it was a trend to keep the body out in a glass cover with the feet exposed in order to see and worship it. But due to the deteriorating condition of the body it is no more displayed after 1994. Feast of St. Francis Xavier in Goa is a religious celebration when stalls selling souvenirs and trinkets are a common scene in the fair. Variety of food and drinks are made available at the venue offering a festive mood in and around the church.
St. Francis Xavier Goa
 Thousands of people from other parts of Goa gather at Bom Jesus Basilica a world heritage monument, which is just ten km to the east of Panaji. Goa has the great capacity to accommodate huge influx of tourists to its tourist destinations. There are plenty of hotels and resorts in North as well as South Goa. A number of budget hotels in South Goa like Hotel Graciano Cottages are much popular among the visitors.