Goa: Rich Heritage & Tiatr Festival

Goa is a land of cultural marvels, allowing religious freedom still maintaining a communal harmony among its residents. Rich heritage of Goa dominated by many cultures, European as well as Indian makes it a perfect meeting point of East and West. Music and the game of football have important place in the lives of Goan’s. This multicultural past of Goa boasts many festivals which are celebrated throughout the year. Some of the interesting festivals of Goa are Goa Heritage Festival, Pop and Jazz festival, Shimgotsav, Goa carnival, Vasant Panchami and Goa Tiatr Festival.

Tiatr Festival in Goa is one of the popular musical theaters among the Konkani population, which presently focuses on religious, political and social and topics. This festival which reflects culture of Goa is made of six to seven acts known as pordne. These dramas are beautifully presented along with two to three songs placed at constant intervals, which actually don’t have any connection with the main subject of the drama. These popular plays are performed by keeping in mind their importance in developing social awareness among the masses. The topics selected for these acts are mostly observed to be having a great concern with social problems existing in the society. Earlier this festival was dominated by Christian community but it has started attracting Hindu artists to take part in the acts. Heritage Festival in Goa is celebrated with a great pomp and fervor in Panjim and other parts of Goa during the month of November. The celebrations sponsored by Goa tourism department and Panjim City Corporation which present rich heritage of Goa, displays the life and lifestyle of this tourist paradise. Such festivals help in preserving the culture and heritage of the region.

Goa basically being a beach destination tourist’s influx to this place is observed to be attracted towards celebrations and partying on the incredible beaches. Partying on the beautiful beach fronts has helped in mushrooming of many beach shacks and beach side restaurants. Hotel near Colva beach, Graciano cottages is one such restaurant which provides an exclusive room for the vibrant festive as well as cultural celebrations.