Grand Celebrations During Christmas In Goa

The birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated with great joy and fervour in Goa, as in many different countries of the world. Festivities during Christmas in Goa involve plenty of merry-making and exchange of gifts. Markets are flooded with lots of stuff for people, especially children. Individuals dressed as Santa Claus can be seen approaching everyone with gifts, while beautifully decorated Christmas trees can be seen outside the homes. Churches come alive with Midnight Mass, which is attended by Christians dressed in their new clothes. Family get-togethers are organized in several homes to celebrate this special occasion.
A Goan touch is given to the celebrations, as a group of people with one among them dressed in the costume of Santa Claus, go around singing carols with a box for fund-raising. The amount collected is used to provide meals for poor people, and this reflects the true spirit of this festival. The Christmas celebration in Goa also involves enjoying a cake made of wine and dry fruits. All family members gather at the house of the most senior family member for a traditional dinner. It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to strengthen family bonds. The atmosphere of Goa in Christmas is very much festive like any other major festival of India, but it has an apparent serenity which makes it truly unique.

People visiting Goa around this time of the year, would get a chance to be a part of these festivities. The hotels in Goa has special offerings for tourists who choose to visit this region during mid-December. They also get an opportunity to witness Goa during Christmas time, and the completely different look that it wears on this occasion. Grand parties are hosted by almost all the hotels and resorts during Christmas festival in Goa for their guests, which would also be a memorable experience for them.