Goa will be Showered with Events During New Year celebrations 2014

Goa the real escape from routine stresses and strains of busy life has made a place among the top rated tourist spots of India. Beauty of Goa lies in its simplicity and all round resources like beaches, ancient monuments, temples, waterfalls and some of the incredible festivals of Goa. With all these tourist potentials, New Year celebrations in Goa are rampant and this is the best time to visit Goa for saying good bye to the departing year and welcome New Year in a cheering atmosphere. New Year party in Goa presides on the top of all other events of this region.

New Year celebration in Goa can be enjoyed at one of the many venues especially beaches of Goa which are popular world wide for explicit beach activities and a sumptuous vacation at some of the serene beaches. Beaches of Goa become vibrant during Christmas period when thousands of tourists as well as residents converge at these locations to join the partying crowds. Beaches of Goa are brimmed up with all the stuff like beverages, tasty Goan seafood and Dj’s backing up the celebrators who are totally immersed in merrymaking. Goa having some of the reputed churches and a majority of Christian population is the best place to welcome birth of Jesus in one of the world renowned Churches. Cosmopolitan crowds of this destination are very much sensitive towards preserving each others religious faiths. A secular Goa witnesses massive New Years celebrations, when people of many faiths are seen to be taking part in the religious processions. 

Hotels, resorts, casinos, night clubs and restaurants are other best places hosting New Year events in Goa. Easy availability of beverages ranging from local fenny to the most prestigious imported liquors in the clubs and pubs are tempting the party monsters for an explicit celebration. Beaches like Colva are literally swinging on the rhythms of music and the steps of the dancing crowds. Beach shacks on the shores are fully geared up for a supply of Goan liquor as well as exclusive Goan food. Visit Goa to get involved in the vibrant New Year celebrations 2014 in Goa and experience the fun of staying at one of the beach side hotels like Hotel Graciano Cottages near Colva beach.