Beaches in Goa: A Primary Tourist Attraction

Goa is a natural paradise surrounded by foothills of the Sahyadri range and Arabian Sea. The natural picturesque beauty of this place enchants every individual. This beach state is flocked by visitors from different parts of world. If you are planning for a holiday in Goa during peak season, then you’d have to research for hotels in Goa beforehand. During peak season a majority of hotels & resorts in Goa are full, so it’d be difficult for you to find an accommodation. You can head to beaches for enjoying and partying in this state.

Following are two popular beaches in Goa:
Candolim Beach:
Candolim Beach, Goa
Located 14 Kms from the north of Panaji in Goa, this beach is a part of a long extension of beach coastline along the Arabian Sea that begins at Fort Aquada & ends at Chapora Beach. This place is also immensely famous for being the birth place of Abba Faria who is considered to be one of the Goan freedom fighters.

Miramar Beach:
Miramar Beach, Goa
Situated just 1 Km ahead of Mandovi River & the Arabian Sea confluence, this is yet another popular Goan beach. This beach is situated on the way towards Dona Paula. It is popularly known as ‘Gasper Dias’. This beach in Goa begins at the gulf and then gradually culminates in the Emerald Coast Parkway.

Celebrate the Birthday of Jesus This Year at Graciano Cottages

The Christians in India and many countries across the world celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday on 25th of December according to the Gregorian calendar. Though there is a disagreement regarding the birth date of Jesus Christ among some groups, the 25th of December is a public holiday across all Government offices and most of the private institutions in India.
Wish You Merry Christmas
Christmas holidays come as a great relief to the school kids, as they get a break from studies and have the chance to enjoy the festive season along with their friends and family members.  Their parents also get the chance to plan a memorable holiday in any of the exotic locations of India, like Goa. Every year, plenty of tourists come to this beach destination for enjoying the Christmas season. Climate in Goa around this time of the year is extremely pleasant and best suited for tourism.

Having a comfortable accommodation is absolutely necessary to enjoy this festive season in Goa. Accommodations provided by Graciano Cottages, Goa are something that all tourists desire. They are also well-complemented with some fabulous amenities that would go a long way in making a Christmas vacation delightful. We at Graciano Cottages wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’ and hope you have lots of fun this season.

Goa Ranked Sixth Best Destination in Asia

Surveys are reliable for getting some valuable information about a particular travel destination. They help tourists to make some informed decisions before choosing a location to spend their vacation. Recently, a survey conducted by a website called Smart Asia on the popular tourist locations of Asia, placed Goa on the sixth position among the best holiday destinations in Asia.

There are many factors that have contributed towards the popularity of Goa as a tourist destination. Infrastructure, sightseeing facilities, quality of accommodations and various fun and entertainment activities in the state were taken into consideration in the survey. Accommodations in Goa are available at different rates to suit the varying budgets of travellers. Hotels, resorts, guest houses, and other types of accommodations can be chosen by tourists according to the size of their wallets. For backpackers, there would be hardly any place better than Goa, as they can find simple and cost-effective rooms with all the basic facilities provided in them.

Another great aspect of Goa is that you would surely find a decent place to stay during your holiday. Even during the peak season from November to January, travellers can opt for home stays if they are unable to get an accommodation in the hotels or resorts. Booking any of the hotels in Goa months in advance would ensure a memorable stay for travellers. They would get to enjoy all the modern amenities in such hotels.

Enjoy some Adventurous Water Sports in Goa

Goa is known worldwide for its excellent beaches, but it can also be a great destination for adventure lovers. It has loads of facilities for adventure seekers to indulge in some exciting underwater activities. Some of the places where you can get to enjoy different kinds of water sports are Panaji, Vasco da Gama and Margao. All these places are also popular for their cultural activities and have still preserved the Portuguese heritage brilliantly.
About fifteen kilometres from Goa's capital city, Calangute is one of the largest and popular beaches of North Goa. During Christmas and New Year's Eve, this beach is thronged by tourists coming from different parts of the globe. It is also the best place to indulge in some fantastic water sports while enjoying a holiday in Goa. Training courses for amateur divers are also conducted near the beach. Scuba-diving would be ideal for tourists to explore the natural wealth beneath the waters.
It is essential to have a comfortable place to stay for tourists to enjoy different types of water sports in this region. The hotels in Goa provide well-furnished rooms and suites, provided with all the modern facilities for travellers to enjoy truly pleasant and memorable stays during their holiday.

Reason to Visit Graciano Cottages, Goa

When things do not work according to your wish you feel disappointed. It is obvious that everyone cannot act the way you want. You feel left out especially when your wife or your girl friend does this to you. People expect so much from everybody around that it sometimes takes a toll on their relationships.
Hotel Graciano Cottages, Goa
Though every relationship is unique in one way or the other, when things go wrong it is vital to rekindle the spirit of unity in the couple. It is almost always necessary to give each other the required space in order to achieve this. Especially in case of married couples mostly the issues revolve around not being able to give time to each other in today’s demanding world.

There are still many things in this world which cannot be bought by money alone. But yes there are few nice things which may work like a miracle. Take your partner out some time. Spend a day out solely for her. Let her know that she still means a lot to you. If you really care for her you know her favorite cuisines, garments or places she loves to be at. Surprise her by taking her on a meal or if possible some small vacation. In case you are not someone who goes out a lot you may get the best results at Graciano Cottages, Goa.

Experience the Thrill of Jet Skiing in Colva

With the slightest mention of Colva, tourists begin to visualize a sunny beach and scores of tourists sunbathing on it. This is not the only thing that Colva offers to its visitors, as one can have plenty of options when it comes to trying something different in this coastal village of Goa. People looking forward to enjoy some exciting water-sports can try jet-skiing near the Colva Beach. In recent times, it has become one of the most popular activities in Colva for tourists.
Jet skiing in Colva

This adventurous activity involves the use of a water-scooter, which has a powerful engine and accelerate at high speeds. No special training is required for anyone to operate these water-scooters. However, it is essential for the beginners to carefully follow the directions of the instructor. Often, the instructors accompany beginners on the water-scooter while jet-skiing. An area is usually marked in the ocean for safety reasons to conduct this activity, and tourists are advised not to go beyond it.

An ideal time to enjoy this water-sport is the period between October and April. Having an accommodation in any of the popular hotels or cottages in Goa would give tourists the convenience in getting get to Colva beach for experiencing the thrill of jet-skiing.

Indias Key Holiday Destination

Goa is one of the rare cities in India that is on a festive mode throughout the year. However, the monsoon season in Goa has a unique charm altogether. This much sought after holiday destination is popular for its entertaining parties. Although, the off-season ensures less crowd, but you can always have loads of fun in this beautiful city. The monsoon season sees a considerable dip in parties, but rains give a reason for people to enjoy water sports.

First thing one need to beat in mind while visiting Goa is that you are visiting an entire state rather than just a small city. There are a lot of towns spread out with significant distance between them. You should research about various Goa beach resorts and choose one of them for lodging.

A comfortable stay would single handedly enhance your overall experience. Since, high resolution maps for Goa are not easily available, so you need to rely more on locals of this city. Certain parts of Goa do not have sign boards, so finding a particular location on your first visit to Goa can be tasking. On your next Goa holiday, make it a lifetime experience by partying and enjoying with your bunch of friends.

Fama De Menino Jesus is a grand event in Colva

Colva, South Goa's popular coastal village, is a well-known tourist destination having amazing beaches, hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars. It offers an ideal environment for travellers to relax and have an exciting time during their vacation spent in Goa. Beaches of Colva are monitored constantly by highly efficient lifeguards, and they have flagged areas for swimmers. A traditional feast is celebrated in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy on the second Monday of October annually, which is attended by a large number of pilgrims and tourists. They throng this church in Colva to pay their obeisance to infant Jesus, who is believed to possess miraculous powers.

Fama De Menino Jesus
The feast is called 'Fama De Menino Jesus De Colva' among the locals. According to a legend, the statue of infant Jesus was found off the Mozambique coast during seventeenth century by a Jesuit missionary known as Father Bento Ferreira. When he was sent to Colva, he had the statue enthroned after getting a special altar built for the purpose. An annual feast or 'Fama' was held a few years later, during which, the statue was kept for public veneration. Later, when the Jesuits left Goa following political upheavals in Portugal and suppression of religious orders in Goa, they carried the statue along with them. People of Colva decided to make a replica of the original statue.

A golden ring, believed to have slipped off from the original statue, was mounted on the new one. The Fama De Menino Jesus De Colva began once again after a long gap, and the tradition still continues. On the occasion of Fama, the entire region of Colva comes alive with festivities and crowds of devotees. Rooms and suites in Colva Beach hotels are booked in advance by most of the tourists, considering a heavy rush of travellers around this time of the year.

Colva Is An Important Element Of South Goa Tourism

Plenty of tourists make a trip to South Goa to spend a pleasant vacation in its laid-back environs and beautiful natural surroundings that are characterized by vast expanses of lush green palms. Those who are on a Goa holiday and wish to escape the hustle-bustle of North Goa crowds can visit this region for enjoying a soothing serenity. Among the most interesting places in this part of the world is Colva, a coastal village in an administrative unit of South Goa called Salcete. It is a well-known tourist destination and is visited mainly for its sandy beaches that have lifeguards and flagged areas for swimming.
Colva Beach
Colva Beach
 With the Portuguese conquest of Goa, the human settlement increased in western portions of South Goa. Colva was of great importance to the Portuguese, and was a preferred retreat for members of the elite. In recent times, both domestic and international tourists come to this region for enjoying its sunset and indulging in various activities. Most of the Goa holiday packages include visits to the Colva Beach as a part of their itinerary. This part of Goa enjoys a hot and humid climate for almost the entire year, while the rains of June offer great respite from the heat of May.
Colva Beach in south Goa
For those who wish to enjoy the festivities during Christmas and New Year's Eve, the ideal period for a tour of Colva would be between December and January. People who want to enjoy a romantic weather can visit the region during October to March. Tourists who want to enjoy the rainy season and an amazing greenery can make a trip to this place between the months of June to September. Booking an accommodation in any of the hotels near Colva Beach would give them the chance to take a walk on its powdery sands at their own convenience.

Holiday Packages For A Memorable Vacation In Goa

Many individuals feel the need to take some time off from their busy schedules once in a while, and enjoy a pleasant vacation. Goa can be a great choice for spending a relaxed holiday, as it has all the elements that make people forget their worries. The holiday packages offered by leading timeshare companies for a memorable tour of Goa give tourists the chance to explore some interesting places in this region. This small state located in the western part of India is a mix of different cultures, which becomes more apparent during its festivals.
Goa Beaches

Among the interesting places in Goa is the tropical spice plantation, located in a village called Keri. This place has pollution-free environs, and visitors can know more about the spices from a local guide. The holiday packages Goa travel portals offer to tourists also include a visit to Dudhsagar Falls near the Goa-Karnataka border. The best time to witness these amazing waterfalls is during the monsoons. The Shanta Durga temple enjoys immense popularity amongst locals as well as tourists for its grandeur and religious significance. Among the attractions that tourists never miss while visiting Goa are the majestic churches. The most famous among them are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St. Augustine and Reis Magos Church. Anjuna, Colva, Calangute, Vagator, Candolim and Miramar are some of the excellent beaches that tourists would come across, while touring this region.

Tourists of Goa are always in search of accommodations that would make their stay comfortable. The holiday packages in Goa offered by timeshare companies and travel portals also include stay in some of the best hotels and resorts in the region. Such resorts and hotels have well-furnished rooms and suites that are equipped with all the latest facilities. Multi-cuisine restaurants within the premises include many international dishes along with the popular Goan delicacies.

Chapora Fort Offers A Glimpse Of Goa's History

Goa not only offers beautiful beaches, but it also has some interesting places that give tourists a glimpse of its history. Among the several places to visit in Goa is Chapora Fort which attracts travellers coming to this region every year. It is located in a region called Bardez in North Goa, with most of its parts lying in ruins. Before the arrival of the Portuguese, another fort existed at this site where the  structure currently stands. The Maharaja of Sawantwadi  held this fort for two years before it was conquered by Marathas in 1739. The Portuguese forces were able to recover it from the Marathas, and it remained in their possession for many years.

Today, this fort offers some excellent views of the Anjuna and Vagator beaches located nearby. Tourists visiting Chapora Fort would also come across  two tunnels that were used as supply routes by the defenders. Remnants of an old church can be found inside the fort, while its open space is just a tumble of stones. It is a good place to enjoy some moments of peace, and is among those Goa attractions located far away from the hustle-bustle of the crowds. People visiting Chapora Fort are often rewarded by the fascinating views of the surroundings after a long trek.

People who wish to have a memorable stay while touring Goa can find plenty of hotels that offer tastefully designed rooms and suites. These  are equipped  with all the latest facilities, designed for a pleasant and comfortable stay of their guests. The hotels in Goa also have some additional amenities like a personal safe, complimentary bottle of Goan Port and shopping closets. Some of the suites in these hotels also have private balconies. The in-house restaurants  serve delicious varieties of Indian cuisines that pamper the taste buds of the guests.

The Hotels in Goa Offer Pleasant Accommodations

The natural beauty of Goa has earned many sobriquets from its visitors, such as, 'Tourist Paradise' and 'Pearl of the Orient'. Contrary to the popular belief that Goa is only about great beaches tourists can find some magnificent temples, churches and heritage buildings while touring this fabulous state located in the western part of India. Much of its present culture is a result of the Portuguese rule from the early sixteenth century till the year 1961. An accommodation in any of the budget hotels in Goa would allow tourists to explore the region's amazing culture and popular attractions.

On the 19th of December, 1961, Goa got  liberated  and became  a Union Territory of the country. It became a state in the year 1987, after it was conferred statehood by the Indian Government. Every year, people come from different parts of the globe to experience its laid-back atmosphere and enjoy several other offerings that the state has for its tourists. The coming together of different cultures has not disturbed the harmony among its local population. One can witness great celebrations in this region on the occasion of various festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi and Easter. The cottages in Goa are preferred by many travellers for a stay while vacationing in this part of the world.

Another interesting aspect of Goa is its delicious cuisine which draws influences from various cultures that have existed in this region since  centuries. The state became a well-known tourist destination ever since the hippies arrived  during the 1960s. The hotels in Goa provide rooms and suites that are tastefully designed and have all the modern facilities for their guests. Most of them also have multi-cuisine restaurants that serve mouth-watering Goan dishes as well as other popular delicacies.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus Attracts Plenty Of Visitors Annually

Goa is famous not only for its lovely beaches, but also for its old churches that were built many centuries ago by Christian missionaries. One of these churches is the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This basilica is well-known among the Roman Catholics around the world for the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, held every year on the 3rd of December. This feast is preceded by a devotional novena, a nine-day ceremony comprising open-air Masses and lots of festivities. The holy relics of St. Francis Xavier are displayed during the revered saint's death anniversary, every ten years. An accommodation in the best Goa hotels would be of great convenience to tourists while visiting this church on their vacation to this region.
Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus
The foundation of this basilica was laid in the year 1594 on November 24th with Fr. Alexia de Menezes consecrating it on completion on the 15th of May, 1605. This property was confiscated by the Portuguese rulers in 1759, when the Order of Jesuits got suppressed. It was accorded the status of a minor basilica in the year 1946. 'Bom Jesus' means 'good Jesus' or 'infant Jesus', and the basilica is dedicated to infant Jesus.

The annual feast held on the 3rd of December attracts huge crowds, and booking an accommodation in any of the budget hotels in Goa would enable tourists to be a part of this grand event without worrying too much about their travel costs. The hotels in Goa cater to the accommodation needs of tourists and pilgrims visiting the region and are well-equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities, which make the stay of their guests pleasant and memorable. Most of them have multi-cuisine restaurants that offer mouth-watering dishes of the Goan cuisine as well as other international delicacies.

Images Of Goa Hotels Are Truly Helpful For Tourists

Over the years, Goa has become one of the favourite destinations of tourists for various reasons. Its overall atmosphere is very relaxing, and the world-class beaches of this amazing region are worth visiting. The images of Goa hotels are enough to create an interest in travellers to spend a pleasant holiday in its fantastic environs. Looking at these images, people simply fall in love with the palm-fringed surroundings of the hotels. The images of cottage in Goa also interests many people who are planning a tour of this region with their loved ones.
Reception Area of Hotel Graciano Cottages
Reception Area - Hotel Graciano Cottages
Super Deluxe Rooms
Super Deluxe Rooms
Most of the cottages in Goa are located near beaches, and are well-equipped with all the facilities that would make for a pleasant stay of tourists. From the photos of cottage in Goa available online, travellers can decide whether or not they must go ahead and book an accommodation in it. Many of the resorts or hotels of the region also provide stays in cottages for their guests. They also have multi-cuisine restaurants in them, which serve mouth-watering local as well as other popular cuisines. A glimpse of the photos of Goa cottages given on the website of such resorts or hotels can help the tourists to ascertain the kind of facilities that they may get to enjoy in them.
Garden View of Hotel Graciano Cottages
Multi-Cuisine Restaurant of Hotel Graciano Cottages
Other than the elegant rooms and suites, hotels in Goa offer several amenities for their guests. Many tourists take a good look at Goa hotels images on the internet and get a better idea about all the amenities that they would get in them. Such images are also available on the website of Hotel Graciano Cottages, which is located near Colva in South Goa. The HotelGraciano Cottages images available on the website provides a brief overview of the reception area, furnishings inside rooms, interior of the hotel, multi-cuisine restaurant and other details.

The Fantastic Hotel Amenities Of Graciano Cottages

Goa may be a small state in terms of size, but it is one of the major tourist destinations of India and attracts plenty of tourists from different countries of the globe. The hotel amenities in this Indian state are world-class, and this makes for a memorable stay of travellers. Most of its magnificent beaches and popular tourist attractions are easily accessible from the resorts or hotels in the region. These hotels and resorts also have room amenities that are among the best in the country, and they also find favour among the tourists vacationing in this travel destination.
Room Amenities of Graciano Cottages
Graciano Cottages is a hotel located in Colva, a serene coastal village in southern part of Goa. The hotel room amenities include a multi-channel television, express laundry service and generator backup in case of a power failure. All the major credit cards are accepted for booking accommodations in this hotel, and guests can also avail a pick-up and drop facility to the airport or railway station on request. The other amenities in hotel provided for guests are car wash on request and water sports organized by the hotel staff on demand. Recreational facilities of this hotel include both indoor and outdoor games.

This hotel is located close to the Dabolim Airport, while the bus depot and Madgaon Railway Station are also located nearby. It offers great convenience for tourists to reach this hotel without any hassles. Other than the luxury hotel amenities for guests, Hotel Graciano Cottages also has a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves local cuisines and other popular delicacies. The delicious dishes of Goa have become a favourite of tourists visiting this region. The combination of excellent dining facilities in the restaurant of Graciano Cottages and a menu filled with all the mouth-watering delicacies is what makes the guests of this hotel enjoy their meals.

Experience the warm beaches during your summer tour of Goa

Have you ever visited the sunny beaches of Goa during summer, if not then visit Goa in summer months for an explicit stay enjoying your vacations amidst festive mood and adventure activities. Even though it is hot and humid during summers, Goa has many surprises imbibed for the visitor in the form of cheap hotel bookings, flight tickets, sightseeing tours to the nearby attractions as well as concessions at waters sports. Visiting Goa in summer time is a wise idea.

Summer vacation to Goa is nothing but a super economical package to the most popular beach destination in India. Summer being an off season time there is less rush of tourists to this destination. Obviously you can stay and enjoy the magic of Goa at its exclusive beaches and other tourist attractions. Summer is best for shopping when you can visit the flea markets as well as other reputed places of shopping. They are less crowded during this period. Off season low prices will make your shopping in Goa a more pleasant experience.  
Beaches the most interesting part of your Goa tour become silent and serene during summer inviting you for a delicious Goan food at its beach shacks and restaurants. This is the right time to record some live moments of life in Goa like sunset at beaches, ancient temples, churches and the life prospering at some of its flea markets. Apart from Colva, south Goa beaches like Arossim and Utorda are some other places to get the best out of sun sand and natural beauty of the place. Places to visit in Goa during summer include beaches in North and South Goa, ancient temples and forts.

Summer time is the best for getting nice accommodations near the beaches of Goa. Budget hotels in Goa become more cheaper due to the decreasing number of tourists during this season. This offers a perfect opportunity for the visitors to select hotel of their own choice from the many hotels spread across the destination. Goa during summer is interesting as well as affordable and summer holiday packages in Goa offer a treasure of cost effective tours to the various attractions of Goa.

A Beautiful Place To Visit in South Goa

West India is full of fascinating places, which attracts large number of tourists from different parts of the world every year. The western state of Gujarat has some amazing tourist locations, and its historical places are worth exploring. Other places to visit in west India include the pilgrimage sites in the state of Maharashtra. Other than all these places, Goa is very much popular among the tourists coming from different parts of the world. Among the places in west India visited by tourists, Goa has found favour among many of the travellers owing to its beautiful beaches and placid lifestyle.

There are some excellent places that travellers can visit while touring South Goa. One of the historical south goa places to visit is the Cabo De Rama Fort built much before the arrival of Portuguese. Another fort from the ancient times is the Chaporta Fort, which has seen many power struggles of the past empires. Some of the beautiful places to visit in south goa include beaches like Colva Beach, Palolem Beach and Utorda Beach. Mangueshi Temple and Shantadurga Temple are the two famous places of worship located in South Goa.

It becomes absolutely necessary for the tourists of Goa to have a comfortable place to stay during their tour of this amazing region. They can also visit all the south Goa places without any hassles, if they get an accommodation near these popular tourist spots. Over the years, several hotels and resorts have come up in Goa owing to a rapid increase in the number of travellers. Those who are concerned about the rising costs can find many budget hotels in South Goa that provide excellent accommodations at lower prices. All the places to see in South Goa can also be visited with great convenience while staying in any of these hotels.

Interesting Facts About North Goa And South Goa

Both North and South Goa have their share of beautiful places that are visited by plenty of tourists annually. Boundaries of North Goa are shared with some major districts of Maharashtra, such as, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri. It is a part of India's western coastal region and has its own charm, characterized by vast expanses of enchanting landscapes. Over the years, many of the north goa hotels have equipped themselves with all the modern facilities for providing comfortable stays for tourists coming from different parts of the globe.
goa map

map of goa
Some of the popular places to visit in north goa are Panjim, Mapusa, Ponda and Satari. Booking a hotel in north goa would enable tourists to visit all the popular attractions in these places during their vacation. South Goa is popular among tourists for its coconut gardens, natural beaches, water-falls and temples. Margaon, Vasco da Gama and Mormugao Harbour are the well-known places to visit in South Goa. There are many south goa hotels that offer comfortable stays for their guests at reasonable rates. Travellers can tour all the famous tourist attractions of this region by booking their accommodation in these hotels. A hotel in south goa is always in great demand among people visiting this region. Therefore, it is always advisable to book a stay well in advance during the peak seasons.
north goa map

south goa map

Most of the tourists come to Goa in search of its beaches that have the best facilities and beachside shopping spots, as compared to most of the other beaches of India. Both Calangute and Colva beaches are the most sought-after for their scenic beauty. There are many hotels near colva beach to cater to the increasing demand of tourists. The hotels in South Goa always find many guests owing to the number of attractions in this region that are visited by numerous travellers.

How Republic Day is celebrated in Goa

India after achieving its freedom from the British rule in 1947 became a truly sovereign state after three years on January 1950, when its constitution was framed by some of the great leaders of the nation. Since then republic day celebrations have become common throughout the nation with lot of cheers and love for the nation. Like the other states Goa also takes part in the incredible 26th January republic day celebrations.
Republic Day Celebrations in Goa
Goa is a happening state in India having a long history packed with the stories of patriotism and national pride. Having seen the rise and fall of many regimes it is finally part of India and presently on the top of the tourist’s destinations list. This colorful Indian state is blossomed with celebrations of feasts and festivals throughout the year. Apart from the religious festivals some of the events of national importance also keep a lot of significance in the lives of Goa. Panjim being the capital and headquarters of Goa, keeps a significant importance regarding state level celebrations. It is one of the largest cities of Goa, which is settled on the banks of the Mandovi River. Panaji keeps many attractions for the tourists and looks like a Portuguese colony due to its cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and charming villas. Republic day celebrations in India is well disciplined making the public aware of military strength of the country.

The 65th Republic Day celebrations in Goa will be held at the Campal parade ground, where the governor of Goa will unfurl the national flag and will supervise the Parade The president will address the public and finally distribute medals to those, who have achieved great heights of success during their service. The march past will be joined by NCC students, Scout students, Home guards, army, navy and police during Republican Day. A mass drill presented by students from different schools will be prime attraction of this event. Other major cities like Margao and Colva also organize events on Republican Day. Goa has plenty of beaches as well as hotels and resorts. Hotels Graciano cottages has acquired great reputation among the hotels in Goa, which provides best accommodation in the form of cottages, which are beautifully tucked on the beach side.

Be A Part Of The Exciting Goa Carnival Festival 2014

The Goa Carnival is one of the most eagerly awaited events of this beautiful state, which is visited by millions of tourists every year. The Goa Carnival celebration is believed to have originated during the times when Portuguese ruled this state. Fancy and colourful parades form an integral part of the carnival, where people dressed in strange outfits perform alongside bands and floats. The Carnival festival in Goa involves great festivities for three days; which is not only celebrated by Christians, but also by people from different faiths. Earlier, these festivities were enjoyed only by the local population. Today, people come from different parts of the world to witness this carnival and its exciting revelries.
goa carnival 2014 dates

goa carnival 2014

carnival festival in goa

carnival celebration in goa

goa carnival celebration

goa carnival

Some fantastic parties can be seen during the evenings, while many among the audiences are more interested in festivities of the final day. As tourists arrive in great numbers during this event every year, many of them are also looking forward to witness the magic of Goa Carnival 2014 along with the locals. Streets would come alive with fabulously decorated floats, merry makers and a large crowd enjoying and cheering for the excellent show. Those wondering when is Goa Carnival 2014 being celebrated, can look out for dates on the internet.
carnival festival

carnival festival goa

goa carnival celebration

goa carnival festival

carnival in goa

People who are coming from distant places to enjoy Goa's carnival can find some great accommodations offered by many hotels and resorts in the state. As soon as tourists get the 2014 Goa Carnival dates from reliable sources, they would begin planning their vacation in this region. Most of the resorts and hotels in Goa offer comfortable rooms or suites for them, that are fully equipped with the latest facilities. Booking an accommodation in them well in advance would not only help avoid the disappointment due to non-availability of rooms, but also enable them to enjoy the carnival without any hassles.