The Hotels in Goa Offer Pleasant Accommodations

The natural beauty of Goa has earned many sobriquets from its visitors, such as, 'Tourist Paradise' and 'Pearl of the Orient'. Contrary to the popular belief that Goa is only about great beaches tourists can find some magnificent temples, churches and heritage buildings while touring this fabulous state located in the western part of India. Much of its present culture is a result of the Portuguese rule from the early sixteenth century till the year 1961. An accommodation in any of the budget hotels in Goa would allow tourists to explore the region's amazing culture and popular attractions.

On the 19th of December, 1961, Goa got  liberated  and became  a Union Territory of the country. It became a state in the year 1987, after it was conferred statehood by the Indian Government. Every year, people come from different parts of the globe to experience its laid-back atmosphere and enjoy several other offerings that the state has for its tourists. The coming together of different cultures has not disturbed the harmony among its local population. One can witness great celebrations in this region on the occasion of various festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi and Easter. The cottages in Goa are preferred by many travellers for a stay while vacationing in this part of the world.

Another interesting aspect of Goa is its delicious cuisine which draws influences from various cultures that have existed in this region since  centuries. The state became a well-known tourist destination ever since the hippies arrived  during the 1960s. The hotels in Goa provide rooms and suites that are tastefully designed and have all the modern facilities for their guests. Most of them also have multi-cuisine restaurants that serve mouth-watering Goan dishes as well as other popular delicacies.