Indias Key Holiday Destination

Goa is one of the rare cities in India that is on a festive mode throughout the year. However, the monsoon season in Goa has a unique charm altogether. This much sought after holiday destination is popular for its entertaining parties. Although, the off-season ensures less crowd, but you can always have loads of fun in this beautiful city. The monsoon season sees a considerable dip in parties, but rains give a reason for people to enjoy water sports.

First thing one need to beat in mind while visiting Goa is that you are visiting an entire state rather than just a small city. There are a lot of towns spread out with significant distance between them. You should research about various Goa beach resorts and choose one of them for lodging.

A comfortable stay would single handedly enhance your overall experience. Since, high resolution maps for Goa are not easily available, so you need to rely more on locals of this city. Certain parts of Goa do not have sign boards, so finding a particular location on your first visit to Goa can be tasking. On your next Goa holiday, make it a lifetime experience by partying and enjoying with your bunch of friends.