Celebrate the Birthday of Jesus This Year at Graciano Cottages

The Christians in India and many countries across the world celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday on 25th of December according to the Gregorian calendar. Though there is a disagreement regarding the birth date of Jesus Christ among some groups, the 25th of December is a public holiday across all Government offices and most of the private institutions in India.
Wish You Merry Christmas
Christmas holidays come as a great relief to the school kids, as they get a break from studies and have the chance to enjoy the festive season along with their friends and family members.  Their parents also get the chance to plan a memorable holiday in any of the exotic locations of India, like Goa. Every year, plenty of tourists come to this beach destination for enjoying the Christmas season. Climate in Goa around this time of the year is extremely pleasant and best suited for tourism.

Having a comfortable accommodation is absolutely necessary to enjoy this festive season in Goa. Accommodations provided by Graciano Cottages, Goa are something that all tourists desire. They are also well-complemented with some fabulous amenities that would go a long way in making a Christmas vacation delightful. We at Graciano Cottages wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’ and hope you have lots of fun this season.