Dudhsagar Falls: Enjoy the Whitish Bed of Nature's Beauty

The Dudhsagar falls in Goa (also referred as the Ocean of Milk) is a spectacular destination that you would not want to miss out in any case. This white sheet of water that is hung on a 2000 feet gigantic peak is undoubtedly amongst the highest waterfalls in India. The unbelievable beauty of this place is bound to leave you wanting for more. If you are looking for the best sightseeing destination in Goa, then nothing can beat Dudhsagar Waterfalls. This waterfall is located on the eastern border of Goa & Karnataka, approximately 60 Km from the Margao, which is situated in the Southern Goa.
Dudhsagar Waterfall
An Overview of Dudhsagar Waterfall:
Unarguably one of the most beautiful and tallest waterfalls in India, the Dudhsagar Falls measures over 600 meters from head to foot. The headwaters of the Mandovi River cut across the Deccan Plateau & breaks into three streams that pours down, in the face of the vertical cliff. The Konkani name for the falls mean ‘sea of milk’, when translated, because of the clouds of foam that rises up at the bottom when the water levels increase.

Best time to visit:
Although you can visit this enchanting destination at any point of the year, but if you intend to soak into the beauty of this place, then you should consider visiting here during monsoon season. However, it is advisable to visit here from October to Mid December as the road is often inaccessible during the monsoon season.

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